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How To Get The Most Savings at Wish

Wish provides a variety of discounts for clients who use its platform to purchase.

For new customers signing up for the first time, Wish offers a $5 off reward from your first purchase (minimum purchase of $10 needed), with promo code “FIRSTWISH.”

  • Wish Coupons and Promo Codes - Wish supports coupons and promo codes. You can find various Wish coupons online through sites like Retail Me Not.

  • You can find a few Wish coupons online, including free shipping coupons and discounts of various percentages on purchases at Wish (most I found were “up to 70% off” coupons).

  • To apply your coupon or promo code at Wish, press the “Apply a coupon” button at the checkout page (if using a web browser). You're set to go after entering the discount or promo code and clicking the "Apply" button.

  • Use your Wish coupons before they expire because they have an expiration date.

  • Blitz Buy - “Spin” the Blitz Buy wheel to unlock exclusive Wish deals. You can access Blitz Buy in the left-side menu (if using a browser).

  • Spin the wheel, and then you’ll get some items at discounted prices. 

  • Add the products to your shopping cart before the time runs out if you wish to receive the discount.

  • Blitz Buy time can be seen as a countdown timer, inside the cart or within the product pages.

  • Daily Login Bonus - Customers get rewarded each time they log in on Wish

  • Shoppers get a Daily Login Bonus stamp each time they log in on Wish.

  • Shoppers will have to collect seven stamps within a specific time.

  • After earning seven stamps, shoppers will get a reward - that could give discounts of up to 50%.

  • Rewards Points are yet another method to save money at Wish. On Wish.com, you can gain Rewards points by doing particular tasks.

  • Login to Wish.com.

  • Buy something from Wish. 

  • Review some items on Wish. Extra points will be given if your review contains photo(s) of the item.

  • Once you have earned points, you can redeem them in exchange for coupons of various discounts, including 10% and 15%. Head to the Rewards section on your Wish mobile app to view your Rewards points and coupons.

  1. How to save money on Wish?

First, watch for daily deals and flash sales that can offer you serious discounts. Second, don't forget to explore the "Outlet" section to find bargains on a wide range of products. Third, be patient and use the "Save for Later" feature to track the prices of your favorite items. Last but not least, look for discounts and coupons that can lower the overall price of your purchase. 

  1. How to save the most money on Wish?

Unleash your inner bargain hunter! Keep an eagle eye on flash sales, daily deals, and promotions. Snag those irresistible discounts, stack coupon codes like a pro, and embrace your thrifty side. 

  1. How to save on shipping with Wish?

Be strategic with your purchases. Look out for products that offer free shipping or discounted shipping rates. Keep an eye on Wish Express items for speedy delivery. Group your purchases into a single order to avoid multiple shipping fees. Check for shipping promotions and coupon codes.