All I want to do on my weekend is rest on my bed and have a yummy fresh Wingstop chicken sandwich for breakfast. My favorite Wingstop sandwich is Wingstop’s Buffalo sandwich, and a great dinner is the Wingstop Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. A spiced flour and buttermilk mixture is used to bread the chicken breast, which is then deep-fried until crispy, covered in fresh Buffalo condiments, and served on a toasted bun with dill pickle slices. There is a great variety of Wingstop chicken sandwiches; you can visit its website or your nearest Wingstop location and purchase a sandwich you like. The total number of best Wingstop flavored sandwiches is more than 12.

Wingstop Chicken Sandwiches Flavors:

Wingstop also offers seasonal flavors, such as the hot honey rub that is currently available, giving you numerous additional sandwich flavor possibilities. While some flavors are available as sauces, others are dry rubs. Each sandwich includes pickles and a sauce for dipping. Wingstop offers an individual meal menu and a group meal menu. Some of them are classic wings, tenders, rice bowls, and boneless wings, and for group meals, it offers friends meals, feast meals, family meals, etc. Wingstop menu prices are reasonable so that everyone can afford it.

Wingstop Chicken Sandwich Calories:

Wingstop Plain Chicken Sandwiches have 241 grams and 610 calories each. The% Daily Value (DV) indicates how much a specific mineral contributes to a typical day's consumption of a portion of food. Two thousand calories per day is the general recommendation for caloric intake.

Wingstop Menu:

Explore the amazing Wingstop menu on the official website of Wingstop. Wingstop is the place for hand-cut, flavored fries, and famed sides. There is only Wingstop for those who demand flavor in whatever they do because it is more than just a meal; it is a flavor experience.

Wingstop Secret Menu:

The lack of a Wingstop secret menu may be discouraging, but you don't need it. You won't get bored of a sauce at Wingstop because they have wide varieties, and the menu's complexity is sufficient to inspire culinary creativity. Choose a dipping sauce, side dish, and dry touch; you have whatever you require.

Bone-in and boneless wings are available at the franchise, and either type can be glazed with their seasonings. Chicken tenders are also available with some meals, and Wingstop can deliver your wings however you like them.

For your information, there is no Wingstop allergy menu, which harms your health.

Latest Wingstop Chicken Sandwich Deals


(1 sandwich of crispy, juicy chicken with jalapenos of your preference and one sauce)

Price = $5.79 only.

Wingstop chicken sandwich calories = 938 - 1279. 


(1 crispy, delicious chicken sandwich, one dip, 20 oz. Drink standard fries or vegan twigs and one flavor of your choice pickles).

Price = $8.29 only.

Wingstop chicken sandwich calories = 948 - 2074.

Wingstop Menu Flavors 

Some of the Wingstop menu flavors are:

  • Hot Honey Rub

  • Atomic 

  • Mango Habanero 

  • Cajun 

  • Original Hot 

  • Spicy Korean Q 

  • Louisiana Rub 

  • Mild 

  • Hickory Smoked Bbq

  • Lemon Pepper 

Wingstop Chicken Sandwich Reviews

  1. "The pickles go well with the perfectly cooked and juicy chicken in the lemon pepper. As expected, it has a tonne of flavor, and when coated with ranch, it's among those bits that make you sit and munch silently, appreciative that food even exists.

  2. I ate the sandwich with hickory barbecue. As an avid consumer of BBQ sauce, this was excellent. However, mine was covered in an accumulation of sauce, which caused the buns to become soggy and crumble. I am okay with some mess because barbecue wings always result in sticky fingers, but if you're ordering this sandwich, you should be prepared for some breakage. Another thing is that the sauce also reduces and relaxes the crust, which makes the chicken less crisp than the other pieces. Remember this if you've been a big fan of food texture.

  3. I sampled the simple one, which reminded me much of the original Chick-fil-A sandwich. Even though it isn't identified as having a particular seasoning or sauce, it also has a fantastic crisp and tasty chicken.

  4. The buns, like brioche, were ordinary for a lightly toasted chicken burger.

  5. Pickles, a traditional chicken sandwich topping, are included with the sandwich.

Wingstop Menu Nutrition

The nutrition facts for the chicken sandwich are not currently available online because it is a brand-new item on the Wingstop menu. We can get an indication of how many calories are in a plain sandwich by comparing it to the chicken sandwiches made by competitors. Popeyes' traditional chicken sandwich has 700 calories, Shake Shack's Chicken Shack has 550 calories, and Chick-fil-chicken A's sandwich is 440 calories. The chicken on the sandwich contains roughly the same calories as two simple chicken tenders from the Wingstop menu. 

Our estimate for a simple sandwich now stands at roughly 520 calories, with a generic brioche bun costing about 240 calories.

The calories in different Wingstop varieties vary, with garlic parmesan, lemon pepper, and mild having the highest calorie counts and atomic, Cajun, and original hot having the lowest. Fortunately, a cup of ranch or blue cheese sauce only has approximately 30 calories per serving, so you may eat as much as you like.