Hey, beauty mavens! Sick of fighting the crowds at your local beauty store to grab your must-haves?  Well, fret not because Ulta online shopping is here to save the day (and your makeup routine)—no more racing to the nearest Ulta store or searching for an Ulta near me. If you want, you may now shop from the convenience of your own house while wearing pajamas!

With Ulta online shopping, you can browse a vast selection of beauty products and brands that will make your heartbeat. There's something for everyone, from the Ulta body shop to the Ulta beauty shop. And the best part? You can take your time to choose the perfect shade of lipstick or the ideal skincare product without feeling rushed by other shoppers.

Plus, with Ulta's user-friendly website, you can easily navigate through categories, view product descriptions and reviews, and even compare prices with just a few clicks. And if you're unsure what to get, Ulta's team of beauty experts is always on hand to provide personalized recommendations that cater to your needs.

So sit back, relax, and let Ulta online shopping take the stress out of your beauty shopping. Happy shopping, beauties!

Easy Hacks To Save More At Ulta 

  • Ulta Beauty Sales Event

At Ulta, you will almost always find various products on their website and stores under the sale category. Whether scrolling through their website online or within their store, you will find unlimited goods on sale that are too tempting to resist.

We suggest you start browsing the website as it is way easier and more convenient to identify sale items because you can search for the category or price range.

Also, Ulta seasonally runs its Big Events. You can frequently find such events and utilize the opportunity to avail yourself of multiple offers. Get their app or subscribe to their mailings for specific events or deals to stay current. 

  • Buy In-Store

We are aware that the majority of consumers prefer to shop while at home. However, there are some extra advantages to getting up and going to the Ulta locations! Ulta stores occasionally sell specific products for up to 75% off to make more space for new inventory. These price reductions are mostly not applied on the website. 

  •  Ulta BOGO Offers

There are amazing buy one, get one free, buy two, get one free, and buy a specified quantity for a lesser price (for example, four for $10). BOGO offers of buy more, save more are also available. These tempting offers may make you overshop, so knowing what you need is better since they are available only online.

However, Ulta’s friendly returns policy keeps you out of trouble. Even if you ordered the wrong item and there was no defect in the product, they will still issue a store credit or a refund.

Return it before 60 days with a copy of the invoice and a maximum of 20 percent of the product used, and you'll get your money back. It makes online shopping much safer since seeing a product online and in real life can vary, and you may get something you had imagined differently. 

  • Get Gifts With Purchase

One of our favorite things about shopping from Ulta is getting a gift with a purchase, and it serves as the cherry on top! Gifts on purchase are mostly not advertised in the stores, but you can check Ulta Beauty’s website to see the gifts with purchase page before going in. 

Also, if you return the product you bought, that does not mean you keep returning originally bought products to keep the gifts, as that will probably result in losing your return rights. Ulta makes it simple to uncover discounts for as many as 50 gifts with purchases.

  • 20% Ulta Discount Coupons

How to get 20% off coupons at Ulta? It’s pretty easy; you can get $5 off your $15 purchase by going online, saving the promo code, and either printing the coupon or showing it in-store on your phone. The sad part is you can’t avail yourself of these discounted fragrance coupons. 

Also, these coupons cannot be stacked as Ulta has restrictions about using coupons specifically, like the coupons valid to use in stores might not be allowed for Ulta online shopping & vice versa. 

  • Special Offers From Ulta Weekly Ad

If you want to keep up with the latest beauty trends, you can easily spot them in Ulta Beauty’s weekly ad, which is no less than a gorgeous catalog of recent beauty tips and ideas for special deals. Check the featured product lists to watch out for amazing offers where you can find deals with 50% off on certain items and may also free samples or gifts! 

  • Watch Out For Free Shipping Offers

Free shipping is something that we cannot ignore, as it helps save a lot! For online shoppers, Ulta often offers free shipping, but it depends on your total purchase amount, as free shipping depends on the purchase value. It also depends on when you buy it because these offers are not permanent, and you may find them one day and probably not again soon. 

  • Get Extra Birthday Points

If you own a Rewards card, you will receive 1 point on every dollar purchase, 1.25 points after a $450 purchase, and 1.5 points after $1200 shopping. Also, another great tip! When you shop at Ulta during the month of your birthday, you will receive double the points! 

  • Join The Ulta Rewards Program

So Ulta has some sales going on occasionally, and you can get almost everything at discounted prices. Unfortunately, some items are rarely on sale, for example, fragrances and products from big brands. Having an Ulta card can help you resolve this issue, and you can get everything at a lower price if you possess the card. 

The Ulta store card benefits depend on your chosen card type and the amount you spend. A great hack is to earn points and use them only to buy special offers on products that you need and that you cannot normally get at discounted prices. 

Ulta Card Types And Perks:

If you possess an Ulta card, you get free money in the form of points every time you shop. You receive a complimentary birthday present when you join Ulta and a $10 gift card when you use an Ulta credit card. Because credit-linked cards never expire, you can save money for as long as needed, which is one of their main advantages. Lastly, be careful of the credit card APR (annual percentage rate), as you must pay for it if you maintain a balance.