Attention all beauty enthusiasts! If you're looking for a gift that will make your loved ones feel pampered and beautiful, the Ulta Beauty gift card is the way to go. It's like giving the gift of a flawless face, all wrapped up in a convenient little card.

The Ulta Beauty gift card gives your recipient the freedom to choose from an incredible selection of makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrance products, and it also ensures that they get what they want. No more awkward gift exchanges or trying to guess someone's shade of foundation – with an Ulta Beauty gift card, they can pick out their perfect shade of lipstick or eyeliner without worrying.

And don't forget about the convenience factor – with the ability to check the balance and redeem the gift card online or in-store, it's easier to give the gift of beauty. You might even score some brownie points with your friend or family when they realize you put so much thought you put into their gift. Get your Ulta Beauty gift card today and give the gift of glam!

Ulta Gift Cards 

What is an Ulta Gift Card? Ulta Beauty gift card, as its name suggests, is a gift that can be given to your loved ones on any occasion. At Ulta, you can find many gift options like makeup, skincare, fragrances, hair care products, and more, so anyone who enjoys that can be given an Ulta gift card to choose their desired product per their preference. It is a great way to gift someone as they can have the freedom to choose the gift they would like, and you don’t have to think over what to get them! 

These Ulta gift cards can also be found at Walmart stores and online. Gift cards for Ulta Beauty are available at Walmart in 3 price ranges, from $25 to $100. 

Ulta Beauty gift cards can also be sent virtually to the recipient or even the person who intends to purchase them to gift later. At Walmart, if you purchase $5, you can customize the prices for the gift card. You also have the option to send the gift card to the recipient by email and physically via mail or plastic gift card as well. 

As of 2022, Ulta Beauty gift cards are not sold at Walgreens anymore. However, Ulta and independent retailers like Walmart and Kroger carry them. Ulta Beauty gift cards cannot be used at Target either. 

Although you can trade the Ulta beauty gift at Target as a part of their Target Trade-In program, you only need to bring your unwanted gift cards with some balance to a Target store and trade them to get a Target gift card in return. There is no way to accomplish it online, only in Target shops.

Additional third-party merchants that sell Ulta gift cards include:

  • Target, 

  • Lowe’s,

  • Swagbucks, 

  • Amazon, 

  • Kroger, and 

  • Walmart.

How To Use An Ulta Gift Card?

An Ulta gift card can be bought at any Ulta store, at,, or from authorized third parties unless promotional gift cards, Ulta gift cards, and Ulta eGift cards are available in quantities ranging from $5 to $500 and have no expiration dates. 

It is not possible to use Ulta gift cards or Ulta eGift cards to buy more gift cards. Also, the Ultamate reward points cannot be spent to purchase gifts or gift cards. 

  1. All required to purchase an Ulta gift card or Ulta gift card is a valid email address to be entered during the checkout procedure from the Ulta website and Invalid or incorrect email addresses entered by customers will lead to being ineligible for a refund. Ulta is not responsible if you lose the eGift card or if it is received and redeemed by the wrong recipient. 

  2. When you visit an Ulta store to buy something with an Ulta beauty gift card, you must show the email that was received along with the gift card number and PIN. Check to use the gift cards online, and enter the gift card number or PIN to spend your gift card balance. Also, the Ulta gift card online can only be used once. 

  3. The total amount of your order or purchase (including sales tax, shipping fee or handling fee, etc.) will be deducted from your Ulta gift card of gift card. If your order value exceeds the Ulta gift card or gift card balance, you must pay the exceeding amount yourself. 

Commonly Asked Questions 

  1. How do you check the balance on an Ulta gift card?

To check your Ulta gift card balance, go to and click Ulta gift card balance for a balance inquiry. To check your existing gift card balance, hit Check Balance and provide your Ulta card number and PIN.

  1. Does Ulta Gift Card expire?

Ulta gift cards and gift cards never expire. It's still simple, even if you haven't used it long. However, the physical card can expire, but the balance remains valid. So you can transfer the funds to a new card. 

  1. How can I acquire a gift card to Ulta for free?

You can get free Ulta gift cards from Swagbucks. Each day, they pay to give customers more than 7,000 gift cards so they can participate in paid surveys, shop online, play games, etc. You may combine Swagbucks, which might be redeemed to get a free Ulta gift card, by following these guidelines, finding new discounts, or even uploading supermarket receipts. 

  1. How much discount can we get from Ulta points?

  • Five hundred points = $17.50 off. 

  • Seven hundred fifty points = $30.00 off. 

  • One thousand points = $50.00 off. 

  • Two thousand points = $125.00 off.

  1. How can I transform a Gift Card into money?

You can cash the gift cards you purchased using sites like Raise and CardCash. There might be a few conditions to do, like you won’t be able to get full value through it, but you can still get some amount and use it instead of wasting a gift card.