An American on-demand online learning portal called Udemy offers classes in various subject areas. Despite not being authorized, it attempts to assist students in acquiring knowledge and skills to help them in their job or future academic endeavors.

But people often ask, “What should you do if you spend a lot of money on a course you don't like.” Many ask, “Can I get a refund on Udemy?” and “Should you accept it, or should you ask for a refund?” Here’s the answer, yes, you surely can. Udemy provides a return policy to its customers in case of any dissatisfaction and disapproval. However, the privacy policy has certain conditions to be followed while returning to a course. Keep in the loop to know all you want to know about the Udemy Privacy Policy. 

Udemy Refund Policy

Following the Udemy refund policy, you are entitled to a Udemy course refund in the form of credits or money deposited into your bank account. Their payment processing partners' capabilities determine the process, the platform you used to buy your course, such as a website, mobile app, or TV app, and other variables.

If the business gives you credits as compensation, they will be applied instantly to your subsequent website purchase. The purchases made using the phone or TV applications will not be eligible for the credits.

The following procedures will apply if you decide to ask for a Udemy course refund for any cause:

  • You have 30 days from the transaction date to request a refund for the Udemy course.

  • If you go past the 30-day mark, you can only request a Udemy course refund if the purchased course is blocked for ethical or legal grounds.

  • The business maintains the right to refund the Udemy course to students after the 30-day deadline when fraud is suspected or proven.

  • Udemy has the right to refuse your Udemy request refund, suspend your account, or impose limitations on your future use of the Services if you abuse the Udemy refund policy. If your account is suspended or your access to a course is restricted due to breaking the rules outlined in the Trust & Safety Guidelines, you won't be entitled to a Udemy course refund.

Here are some instances of privacy policy abuse:

  • Asking for reimbursement for a course you have previously taken.

  • Requesting a refund for a Udemy course for which you have already received one

How To Refund Udemy Course

The original payment method returns the majority of Udemy course refunds. Kindly be mindful that some limitations may occur and that credit refunds are the only possibility for certain acquisitions. You can explore more on Udemy course rebate procedures.

Requests for Udemy course refunds cannot be made through the Udemy mobile app (please see the Requesting a Udemy course refund on a mobile device section below).

How To Get A Refund On Udemy From Your Shopping History

Following the instructions below, you may instantly request a Udemy course refund from your Purchase History page on Udemy if you use a web browser.

  1. Firstly, check your Buying history.

  2. Then discover the course that you want a refund for.

  3. Click Request Refund under the course's title. You will get taken to the page for Udemy course refunds.

  4. Click to Regard all courses to extend the shopping cart, then click “Request Refund” under the course guiding if your course was purchased as part of a marketing including a shopping cart.

  5. Choose your refund method next. You can get Udemy Credits instead of a refund to your original payment method if your payment authorizes.

The credits are credited to your account as soon as your Udemy request refund is completed, making credit refunds quicker than refunds to your payment method. Please find out more about Udemy Credits and their functioning.

  1. Choose a reason for requesting a full or partial Udemy course refund listed on the Udemy Refund page, then include a brief explanation. Your input can help Udemy and the teacher move forward with improvement.

  2. Hit "Submit."; and the process is done. 

Applying For A Partial Udemy Course Refund

Please be sure that you have chosen a reason for a partial refund request and not a complete refund if you want to ask for a refund in part. A notification stating that you are asking for a partial refund will appear if you choose that option.

How To Ask The Course Player For A Refund

The procedure listed below can also get used to ask the course player for a refund if you use a desktop or laptop to browse Udemy.

  • Click the course link under “My Learning.”

  • The next step is to select the ellipsis (three dots) in the top right corner of the course player.

  • In the drop-down menu, pick Request a refund. Once there, you may request your Udemy course refund by going to the page for the course.

Submitting A Udemy Course Refund Request Mobile Phone 

Requests for refunding Udemy courses cannot be requested through the Udemy mobile app. Please log in to Udemy mobile site using a browser if you need to seek a refund from a mobile device and do so from the Purchase History page (as shown above).

How To Ask For A Gift Return From Udemy

Udemy Support Team can receive Udemy Course refund claims given as gifts. Please be aware that certain conditions may apply and that Udemy's refund policy also extends to gift orders.

If the gift recipient submits a Udemy course refund request and falls outside the 30-day Udemy refund policy, it will be processed using Udemy Credits.

Status Of Refunds

Your refund status can get checked in your purchase history once you've submitted your Udemy course refund request. In addition, you'll receive an email stating that Udemy handled your refund request.

How Long Would It Take For My Udemy Refund To Arrive?

Udemy will return your money once it has received and processed your refund request, although it can take some time.

On average, the Udemy refund time is 5 to 10 business days, and monies should appear in your bank account within this time. However, depending on your financial institution, it can take up to 30 days.

You should contact your bank to find out the status of your return if the Udemy refund time exceeds ten days since your refund request was processed. Contact the Udemy support team if the money still does not appear on your bank statement.

Contact Udemy's support team if it takes more than 30 days for the refund payment to be processed and appear in your bank account.