You may order food online and deliver it hot and freshly made to your door using Uber Eats. The ride-sharing company was introduced in a few US locations and has grown to include numerous cities around the country. You can purchase food from local restaurants using the website or app, and a delivery driver will bring your order by foot, car, or bicycle. Insulated travel bags will maintain your meals.

As Uber Eats comes with perks and benefits, you can get Uber Eats Gift Cards to surprise your loved ones; what’s better than treating someone to show your love? Uber Eats has provided many facilities to its workers and audience. One of the most common and exciting perks is getting promotional codes and discounts while ordering through Uber Eats. Similarly, Uber Eats Gift Cards hold solid bonuses for customers. 

If you are gifting a Uber Eats Gift Card or someone has gifted it to you, in both cases, you should know some basic steps and queries to use and check the balance of Uber Eats Gift Cards. Read ahead to learn everything related to Uber Eats Gift Cards. 

Uber Eats Gift Cards

To utilize Uber or Uber Eats in the United States, Uber gift cards can get added to an Uber Cash or Uber Credit balance. They cannot get used for university campus card rides, already scheduled rides, or Family Profiles. Uber offers three different kinds of gift cards:

  • Standard Uber Eats gift cards in the tangible form

  • Digital Uber Eats gift cards online.

  • Business gift cards

To learn more about the gift card, read on:

  • Uber Eats Gift cards between $25 and $200 are available.

  • Uber Eats Gift cards cannot be reloaded after being bought.

  • The use of the Uber Eats gift card is free of charge.

  • Using the Uber Eats gift card online or in-store requires an Uber account, and a gift card can get transferred to another account after being added.

  • Multiple Uber Eats gift cards can get added to a single account, but the maximum balance is $2,000 overall.

  • Unless the Uber Eats gift card is promotional, the expiration date will get noted, and the Uber Eats gift card has no expiry date.

  • If you misplace the Uber Eats gift card, you must present proof of purchase to obtain a replacement.

Where To Buy Uber Eats Gift Card

In addition to Target, Best Buy, Kroger, and Amazon, Uber Eats gift cards online are available on the Uber website and in the Uber app. Uber offers many different payment forms, and Uber Eats gift cards, prepaid cards, credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Venmo are acceptable payment methods for orders placed through the service.

Whether you're a first-time user of Uber Eats or dealing with a gift card purchase once more, make sure you know all the limitations and guidelines on gift cards before making a purchase!

Numerous merchants sell gift cards for Uber Eats in-person and online, making them relatively easy to locate. Remember that you can always purchase gift cards through the Uber Eats website or app, saving you the time and effort of looking around in other stores or online.

  • Business Gift Cards: Use their business portal option to send Uber Eats gift cards or voucher orders (10+) in a single click.

  • Retail: Keep an eye out for stores that start selling physical Uber Eats gift cards for $15. These are available for purchase at participating retailers.

  • Instant in-app: From within the Uber Eats app, instantly load and send Uber Eats gift cards online.

If you want to purchase your gift card from a different retailer, you can get them at Target, Best Buy, Kroger, and Amazon, to name a few.

Buy Uber Eats Gift Card From Uber Eat

You will have many possibilities when you buy Uber Eats gift cards because you can find them online and in-store. 

  1. Order Uber Eats Gift Card online— Visit the gift cards area of Uber. Choose the gift card's balance along with other options. Select "Add to cart."

  2. Locate a store that sells Uber Eats gift cards for Uber to buy the gift card in person and go to places like Sam's Club and Walmart.

How To Check Uber Eats Gift Card Balance

To determine how much money is still on your Uber Eats gift card online, follow these steps:

  • By first heading to the profile icon in the UberEATS app 

  • select promotions, 

  • Enter the Uber Eats gift card Code, and you may check the balance of an Uber Eats gift card online.

You can check your Uber Eats gift card balance after adding a gift card to your UberEATS account. On the Uber Eats website, you may check your Uber Eats gift card balance or go to any Uber Eats location and ask the cashier to check your Uber Eats gift card balance.

How To Use Uber Eats Gift Card

Once you've received one, you'll need to understand how to add a gift card as a form of payment in your Uber Eats app.

Here are the procedures you must carry out to spend your gift card funds:

  • Navigate to the "account" page after launching the app. It will be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

  • The next option you should select is "wallet."

  • To add a payment method, select "Add payment method."

  • Choose "gift card" from the menu that opens.

  • Enter your Uber Eats gift card code, which will apply to your purchase.

By following the simple procedures outlined above, your gift card details will be saved on the app, allowing you to use them to make purchases until the total amount has been spent.

Since the restaurant must pay Uber a fee, whether picked up or delivered, you can still pay with your gift card if you choose to use Uber Eats pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common queries about Uber Eat Gift Cards.

  1. Can You Use Gift Cards On Uber Eats?

Both rides and Uber Eats orders can be made with Uber gift cards. Remember that you must use the card in the nation where it was acquired for either of these alternatives. Your card can thus get used for both services, but it cannot go over international boundaries or oceans with you.

However, whether you give or receive an Uber gift card, you can choose how you'd like to use it, thanks to their food delivery and trip flexibility.

Given that most individuals use one of the two services Uber provides, this opens up additional possibilities with the gift card and makes for the perfect present.

  1. Why Is The Uber Eats Gift Card Not Working?

There are a few ways to fix the issue if your Uber Eats gift card is not working when you try to check out. Find out if your backup payment method is stored in your account first. Even though you use a gift card, Uber still needs a credit card.

Uber requires a backup payment method since gift card transactions occasionally must cover the full amount or process adequately. This way, your order will still be processed regardless of what happens to your payment.

You can only place an order with an Uber Eats gift card if you have added a backup payment method.

  1. Can I Pay For Uber Eats With A Gift Card?

Orders from restaurants and other food outlets that deliver using the Uber Eats network can be paid entirely with gift cards from Uber Eats.

Gift cards can be sent via email or text and come in amounts of $25, $50, $100, and $200.

You can choose your gift card while paying for your order by adding it to your Uber Eats wallet.

  1. How To Get An Uber Eats Gift Card For Free?

  • Create a FREE account by signing up.

  • Log in and finish market research surveys, register for well-known companies' offers, or view movies. Every task you perform earns you points, and participation is cost-free!

  • After accumulating sufficient points, you can exchange them for PayPal or an Uber Eats gift card for free from hundreds of retailers, which will be delivered to you within 24 hours.