Amazon Echo Sub: Amazon Re-invented the Smart Speaker

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By Wiredgraft Editor
Last updated: May 27, 2020


At least in terms of sound quality, the competitors are clearly pulled past. Alexa also has tough competition in her own ranks. Several manufacturers now offer well-sounding speakers that communicate with Alexa; the best known is the Sonos One. Amazon does not want to put up with that anymore. The new Amazon Echo Sub is to recapture a piece of the market.


Amazon Echo Sub

The Echo Sub does not have the smart assistant Alexa on board. He adds an Alexa speaker as woofer speaker. The connection is via WLAN, the device via the Alexa app. In the flower, pot-sized housing stuck a 15-inch woofer and a loud Amazon 100-watt amplifier. As a down fire subwoofer, the Echo Sub emits downward, reflecting the sound across the floor instead of radiating it frontally and sideways. This design is especially welcome in home theatre and promises efficient bass reproduction with good distribution in the room. But above all, the woofer is by design well protected against hands and knocks.


Now Alexa can also play stereo

In conjunction with the Echo Sub, two echo boxes can now be paired to form a stereo pair. That was not possible with the echo boxes so far. The connection to the stereo ensemble is done via the Alexa app, which is available for Android and iOS. Here users make all the smart home and audio settings. From now on there are tone controls (equalizers) to adjust the sound to personal taste or room acoustics. The works according to Amazon also by voice command, such as the command “Alexa, more bass!” The following stereo pairs are possible and can be paired with the Echo Sub to a 2.1 system: two second-generation Echo Dot, two Echo Plus the second generation, two Amazon Echo second generation. Who owns first-generation Amazon Echo, Echo Spot or Echo Show, Only one device can pair with the Echo Sub at a time. It is not possible to pair two different Amazon Echo devices together.


Amazon Echo Sub: That sounds like the sub

For the Amazon Echo Sub calls the online retailer $130. An echo sub alone is useless, at least one echo device is additionally required. This can also be an echo dot but makes little sense because of the papping sound. A reasonable stereo trio consisting of an echo sub and two echo ($175) comes to at least $305. Class: There are two Echo Plus of the latest generation and one Echo Sub for the price of $330, In the practice test it is noticeable that the basses are not very deep, but very clean and provide a good connection to the two coupled Echo Plus – these are more the acoustic vulnerability. Can the competition keep up? The stereo box Google Home Max costs much more with $400, compared to the stereo trio of Amazon but the aural impression of space is limited. The Apple HomePod is already capable of bass-powerful stereo playback alone, but costs $350 individually. For large rooms can also be coupled to the $700 expensive stereo pair – priced the Home Max and HomePod doubles can not keep up with the half-expensive 2.1 ensembles from Amazon. The best stereo alternative is therefore still called: Sonos One, One pair is much cheaper at $415 than the Google and Apple alternatives.



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