17 Inch Laptop Buying Guide for 2020

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By Wiredgraft Editor
Last updated: May 26, 2020


Netbooks with a size of 17 inches are among the mother ships among laptops – larger models will be found only in very exceptional cases. With such a high screen size, you can easily edit not only videos and pictures but also try as a gamer. Laptops manufacturers like to save on high-performance graphics cards, so be careful if you have more than word processing. Intel’s i7 processors are the fastest, and the memory should be no less than 16 GB if you want to play seriously. Then, of course, a strong battery is particularly important. Find the optimal 17 inches in our overview.


Purchase advice: How to find the right 17-inch laptop in 2020

1: A laptop is a mobile PC that has a battery and thanks to the keyboard allows you to work properly on the go. Thanks to Wi-Fi you can also fast on the Internet.

2: The 17-inch format is ideal for watching videos or playing computer games. It is too big for the constant transport.

3: There are 17-inch laptops in different price ranges for different purposes – such as low-cost entry-level devices or expensive gaming laptops.


After work, many people use Netflix to watch their favourite series, skype with their loved ones or play a few rounds of computer games. But after sitting in the office all day at the desk, of course, you would like to make it a bit more comfortable.


This is where the advantages of a laptop compared to a PC come into play: you can simply take this on the sofa or in bed or watch a DVD in the kitchen next to the cooking. A 17-inch laptop is particularly suitable for this because unlike a mini-laptop or a 15-inch laptop, the 17-inch display has a respectable size and is therefore great as a home theatre.


But our laptop 17-inch comparison 2018 shows that there are very different types that are ideal for different types of users. In addition, there are a few key points to keep in mind to find the best 17-inch laptop. That is why we have summarized the most important criteria in this purchase advice.


1. Almost like a PC and so practical

In general, a laptop is a portable, foldable computer. By unfolding, similar to a desk calendar, a keyboard and the display come to light. Thanks to the battery, you can work with a laptop independently of a power outlet.


Laptops can be used to write texts or presentations, edit e-mails or Excel spreadsheets, or simply surf the Internet, chat, watch movies online or on DVD, or play games.


The 17-inch laptop is particularly suitable for viewing movies and playing due to its size. This model is used by many people as a replacement for a stationary computer and is often used mainly in their own four walls.


Your laptop occasionally needs a thorough cleaning, as there are many small niches for dirt. Clean the display with a microfibre cloth on which you give some TFT cleaner. The keyboard can first be cleaned with a compressed air spray of dust and crumbs and then wipe with a plastic cleaner. Use less fluid, shut down the laptop beforehand and remove the battery.


Looking at its dimensions, it quickly becomes clear why. While 17-inch laptops used to be 17 inches tall, most 17-inch laptop tests today have a 17.3-inch screen diagonal, which is 43.9 centimetres.


Compared to a 15-inch laptop, the case offers much more space for technology: On average, 17-inch notebooks are about 30 cm wide, 40 cm long and 3 cm high when folded, which is about 10 per cent larger than 15 inches models. Due to the display size and the frequently installed quad-core processors as well as full graphics cards, 17-inch notebooks are popular among gamers and movie friends.


The performance is quite close to a desktop PC and the large screen is often already in Full HD or at least HD in the 17-inch laptop, which makes the picture very good. In addition, such a 17-inch notebook offers a high-resolution display.


Of course, a 17-inch laptop can, of course, be taken along the way. Due to its size and weight, however, it is rather impractical for constant use on the way. Of course, he can, for example, be on board for longer holiday trips.


There are many names for the portable computer today. Laptop and notebook are the most common and are used synonymously, although some say laptops are more of a smaller type. For mini-laptops of 7-12 inches, many also speak of the netbook. For the sake of simplicity, we make no distinction between these terms in this text and use them synonymously instead.


2. One differentiates these types of 17-inch laptops

A basic decision you need to make before buying is what you actually need the netbook for. It depends on which features your new purchase should have. Basically, you can distinguish the following categories:




Cheap 17 inch laptops

  1. These are entry-level laptops for easy tasks and surfing.
  2. For a small budget of less than 500 euros you get a solid laptop that also runs small computer games and online applications.

17-inch mid-range laptops

  1. This category includes so-called all-round laptops as well as multimedia notebooks.
  2. Better processors are used. Most such a 17-inch laptop has an i5 processor.
  3. Especially with multimedia notebooks stronger hardware and better displays are installed. A Blu-ray drive and a Full HD display are almost standard.
  4. Allrounder laptops range in performance and component selection between entry-level and multimedia laptops, but the differences are not very large.

Expensive 17-inch laptops

  1. There are occasional business laptops in this price range, but especially gaming laptops.
  2. For gamers, ranks like HP Omen, Acer’s Predators or Dell’s Alienware offer 17-inch laptops with i7 processors and top graphics cards, which are also suitable for demanding games.
  3. The ventilation shafts are larger in the gaming notebook.


Many people choose healthy middle ground and choose a mid-priced model. Read about the benefits of 17-inch mid-range notebooks here:



1: All common programs can be executed, even media applications run well and safely.

2: The laptop is fast enough for some games.

3: The media version often even has blue-ray player and a great display.

4: The battery life is in the middle range.

5: The price-performance ratio is good.



1: For elaborate games, these models are not suitable


3. You should pay attention to these points when buying

Some things are a matter of taste when buying a laptop. For example, if you want the notebook to be white, it will reduce the selection, but nothing will change on the other criteria.


This is true even if it is necessarily a 17-inch laptop with illuminated keyboard , or you have already committed to an Asus laptop, a Samsung notebook or an Acer notebook. There are always some basic things to keep in mind:


3.1. Windows, Mac OS or Linux?

One of the most important decisions: Which operating system should it be?


You have to make this decision before you buy, because not every operating system runs on every computer. So the operating system Mac OS is intended by and exclusively for Apple. Apple products are now a veritable cult and so more and more people use the Macbooks from Apple, instead of a Windows laptop.


Mac OS is considered a very secure operating system, but for Windows-familiar users once unusual.


Attention: Macbooks – the laptops from Apple – are currently only available in smaller sizes and not as a 17-inch notebook, which is why you have to choose this size for a different operating system.

The alternatives are simple: you can choose between the paid Microsoft Windows or the free Linux. Windows is a widely used operating system that most people get along with very well because they know it from the office. Software is usually compatible with the latest versions of Windows.


However, critics complain that Windows is also particularly interesting for viruses due to its widespread use. Still, a 17-inch laptop with Windows 7 or Windows 10 is a good choice.


Linux is a freely available operating system that can be used by anyone and uploaded to a notebook without an operating system for free. Because the source code is public, students of technical subjects like to use this program. The full transparency has the advantage that any security vulnerabilities are quickly discovered and closed.


Linux used to be too complicated for ordinary users, but since the Ubuntu Linux operating system, even beginners can handle it. Linux is, therefore, a great alternative if you buy a laptop without an operating system.


3.2. Memory and processor for speed

The processor determines how fast the 17-inch laptop works. The market leaders in processors are AMD and Intel. The differences between the different types are immense – both in terms of performance and price.


17-inch notebook tests usually show that only novice or mid-range notebooks can handle an Intel i3 or i5 processor. Gamer laptops need an Intel Core 7 or a Phenom II X6 from AMD and are therefore not one hundred per cent immune to waiting.


The more powerful a processor is, the more power it consumes. The battery will be empty faster. You should take this into account when choosing a laptop with a powerful processor.


When it comes to memory, the more RAM a laptop has in the UK, the faster it can run programs and work faster overall. For the 17-inch laptops, only beginner models come with 4GB. Gaming laptops already have 16GB. In the mid-range, a 17-inch laptop today has 8GB of RAM.


3.3. The hard drive – enough space for pictures and Co.

Before buying, consider how much you want to save on the laptop. Above all, pictures, films and music quickly bring the hard disk space to its limits.


Many 17-inch laptops already have an SSD hard drive or they offer both: a classic HDD and an SSD hard drive. An SSD hard drive is faster, quieter and more economical, but also more expensive than the HDD.


3.4. For beautiful pictures – display and graphics card

The graphics card allows you to see something on the screen. But a strong graphics card also needs powerful hardware to exploit their advantages. The display also plays a big role.


Note that there is the screen of a 17-inch laptop in matte or glossy. 17-inch notebook tests usually show that matte displays generally have poorer image quality. But they do not reflect what is good if you use the laptop outside in the sun.


Shiny display pictures and colours are great but reflect. If you want to work with a glossy display in bright light, however, an anti-reflective film for your 17-inch laptop will help.


4. Where can I buy a 17-inch laptop and what brands are known?

In an electronics retailer, you will surely find your new Asus notebook or the latest Samsung laptop quickly and get a good consultation. However, online stores usually have more choices.


Often you can also put together your own laptop online or use the possibility to configure your laptopFor example, you can specify that it should be a 17-inch notebook with Windows 10, how fast it should be, or that the 17-inch laptop should be thin.


Also get on the Internet your 17-inch laptop low, because online shops generally can offer better prices and there are also accessories, for example, a waterproof backpack suitable for the 17-inch laptop.


Incidentally, the best-known manufacturers of 17-inch laptops are:


1: Acer

2: Asus

3: Lenovo

4: Toshiba and

5: Dell


In the general notebook test, no device was rated in this size, but only smaller laptops. Nevertheless, the evaluation criteria are interesting and some points are of course transferable to 17-inches.



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