We need an impression when we want to greet someone with the hospitality of gifting a valuable gift to the person we cherish, which can also be ourselves. Undoubtedly, handmade gifts are beyond the best thing we can present someone, as they carry more value than anything else, but other ways of giving something valuable are good in their way, too. 

Although everything has its price and worth, in this era, gift cards are also known as something worth buying and giving to the people you love. Also, you can say it’s time to change the trend and present what people love to get; it’s time to offer the Sephora gift card. 

I have a lot to share about the beauties out there and give my best to provide you with all the beneficial information when purchasing the Sephora Gift cards. For example, where to buy Sephora gift cards? How to check the Sephora gift card balance? Who sells Sephora gift cards, and how not to get misled with Sephora Gift cards?

Keep yourself on the article’s track and get yourself aware of what things you need to keep in mind while purchasing your next gift card. 

The Types Of Sephora Gift Cards

Before getting all the information, let’s familiarize ourselves with the three basic types of gift cards you can get online and in-store, applicable at both Sephora and physical stores. Following are the three obtainable options to get your Gift Card from Sephora. 

  1. Sephora Classic Gift Cards

The Sephora Classic Gift Cards are physically purchasable at Sephora outlets, online (Sephora.com), Sephora App, and  Sephora at Kohl's. With a few exceptions, you can buy classic gift cards from $10 to $250. The gift cards are like money; thus, they are non-refundable and non-replaceable if lost or misplaced.

Though they don’t have an expiry, you need to visit Sephora online or walk-in store or contact customer service to get acquainted with your transaction history and the current gift card balance you are holding.

  1. Sephora eGift Cards

The eGift Cards Sephora functions the same as the classic gift cards do. But the dissimilarity between both cards is that the traditional card comes in plastic, like the debit cards. However, the Sephora eGift Cards are provided in a cybernetic format. With eGift Cards, you can select your eGift card value from $25 to $250.

Also, a fun part is you make your eGift Cards personalized backgrounds; Sephora already gives various options, and you can also suggest yours. 

Mainly people send eGift cards to their friends as gifts or presents on special occasions or holidays. The process to send the eGift card is easy; all you have to do is fill out the elemental form, including the receiver's email with a note or message, at a selected date. You can visit the Sephora site https://sephora.cashstar.com/store/recipient and send the eGift Cards to family and friends in the desired price range. 

  1. Sephora Corporate Gift Cards

Sephora has covered you if you are a company owner and are finding ways to appreciate your employees' hard work. The Sephora Corporate Gift Cards will precipitate your workers with a bit they will adore.

Sephora presents corporate gift cards that are easy to design and personalized, so the customers can preserve bulk & prevalence orders to compliment your staff or crew(s) on their hard work ethic. Sephora Corporate Gift Cards range starts from $10 to $250. 

Find Out More About Sephora Gift Card: The Queries And Explanations To It!

As promised, we will guide you with the frequently asked questions regarding the Sephora Gift Cars. We are here to provide you with everything that will save you from wearing yourself out; look out for the answers to the questions you find worthwhile. 

Where To Buy Sephora Gift Cards

Still, figuring out How to Purchase a Sephora Gift Card? Or where can I buy a Sephora gift card? Well, you will find it easier to purchase the Sephora gift cards; 

  1. How To Buy Sephora Classic Gift Cards?

  • Check out the online Sephora Site (at Sephora.com), and fill in all the essential requirements or information forms to get your Sephora Gift Cards.

  • Via Sephora App

  • Visit the Sephora store or any certified merchant in the U.S.

  • For customer service support, you can call 1888-860-7897 or 1-877-737-4672 

  1. How To Buy Sephora eGift Cards?

  • The Sephora eGift Cards can only get bought online via Sephora.com, Sephora.ca, or certified merchants in the U.S.

  • Sephora eGift Cards are assembled through CashStar.

  1. How To Buy Sephora Corporate Gift Cards?

  • Head to the Sephora site (sephora.com/beauty/giftcards) to buy the Sephora Corporate Gift Cards, or call 1-800-860-7897. 

  • You get the 16-digit card number and PIN once you have applied for the Corporate Gift Cards. 

  • It will bear 1-2 working days to venture the order, alongside calculated delivery periods. 

  • Send the Email for further questions to Sephora.Gifts@cashstar.com.

Note: You can purchase just one gift card at a time when you are buying online. However, if you look forward to purchasing numerous gift cards simultaneously, you must make separate orders apiece. Regardless, the most convenient way to buy Gift cards in bulk is to purchase them at Sephora physical store. Also, Sephora has no elongated Vends gift card certificates.

How To Check Sephora Gift Card Balance?

Here are the various ways to check your gift card balance at Sephora. 

  1. By Visiting Sephora online to check the Sephora Gift Card Balance

  2. By Contacting Via Phone: Call 1-888-860-7897

  3. Visit Sephora In-Store and ask a member of the Sephora team to check the eGift card or classic gift card balance. Make sure you have a Gift card printout, physical card, or eGift card on your phone to show to the Sephora staff.

How Do I Redeem My Sephora, Gift Card?

  • At The Physical Stores, swipe your plastic gift card as you do with your debit cards. Or, if you have an eGift card, show it to the cashier via your mobile phone or in a printout form. The cashier will scan the eGift card or enter the 16-digit number freehand. 

  • At the Sephora Online Site, if you are redeeming from the physical gift card, make sure you have scratched the foil off on the backside of the gift card on the right side. After striking, you will see the 8-digit code on the classic gift card, and you will find the code below the barcode if you redeem your eGift card. After filling in the Sephora beauty products in your shopping cart, checkout. Enter the Gift card PIN code in the payment section and connect to “Save & Continue.” The deducted gift card amount will be visible at the right corner of the checkout page.

Can You Use A Jcpenney Gift Card At Sephora?

No, you cannot operate your JCPenny at the Sephora store. However, you can redeem your JCPenny gift card at the Sephora inside the JCPenny location, just like you can redeem the Sephora Gift Card at the Sephora Store.  

Sephora Benefits: Points Not To Forget!

Sephora has already provided their loyal customers the maximum opportunities to get themselves or their loved people around the circle to avail of the best gifts from Sephora. Like the Sephora birthday gift from Sephora Beauty Insider or multiple sales throughout the year, how can we forget the gift card options?

The other techniques and methods are easy, but people may get tricked by the different Sephora gift cards that look identical to the original ones, like JCPenny Gift cards.

If you are purchasing the Sephora Gift Cards from any retailer other than the Sephora outlet, make sure you pick the original one, one in black, white, and red color, in plastic forms like credit or debit cards. Also, the Sephora gift cards are pre-payed cards that permit the customers to shop and spend for Sephora products through the online store or at the Sephora nearest walk-in store.

If you’re in the hands of a Sephora card and residing in a country where Sephora has no walk-in store, then selling out the card to get the value in cash flow is the one way you can exchange the gift card.