Get ready to embark on an exciting journey as we delve into the realm of exquisite frames, dazzling designs, and personalized touches that will elevate your pieces to new heights. Michaels has the knowledge and creativity to realize your idea, whether with traditional elegance or contemporary flair. So grab your artistic spirit and join us as we unravel the wonders of Michael's custom framing, where artistry meets imagination.

Custom framing is a process and an art form at Michael's. They can build a one-of-a-kind item that embodies your story and personality because of their extensive molding options (over 400) and limitless design alternatives.

However, things get even better! Michaels Frame Coupons ensure you won't have to settle for a less-than-ideal frame because of a limited budget. There are fantastic offers and discounts, including Michaels Custom Framing Coupons 70 Off and Michaels Frames Sale.

What amount will it cost you for Michael's to frame your unique artwork? The answer is that it varies on many variables, including the artwork's size, the molding, and any additional features you may select. But don't worry; Michael's helpful and educated staff will walk you through the procedure and provide an estimate that matches your budget.

Additionally, Michael's may print a picture for you so it will fit in your brand-new bespoke frame. Thanks to Michaels Photo Printing service, your images will be printed in great quality and can be adjusted to fit any size.

What are you still holding out for? Visit Michael's to take advantage of their superb custom framing service and transform your most treasured memories into works of art.

Michaels Custom Framing

Michaels Custom Framing is a sister company of Michaels and part of “The Michaels Companies.” Michaels Custom Framing was started by Aaron Brothers over 70 years ago. The largest maker of bespoke frames in the world, Artistree, supports Michaels's bespoke Framing. Artistree is also owned by “The Michaels Companies” group.

You can send two types of content to Michaels Custom Framing - Digital and Physical- for custom framing.

  • Digital Image - Send your Digital Image to Michaels Custom Framing by uploading it online on Michaels Custom Framing website. Add it to the cart and checkout once you’re done with the customizations. And Michaels Custom Framing will deliver it to you.

  • Physical Art - As the name suggests, you can send certain Physical artwork or pictures to Michaels Custom Framing. These include Posters and Hand drew paintings or drawings, Diplomas/Degrees/Certificates, Jerseys, Art Canvas, and Photographs. You can mail your physical piece to Michaels Custom Framing and use Michaels’s free shipping materials to send your physical stuff to Michaels Custom Framing. You can bring your physical artwork to Aaron Brothers Custom Frame counter at any Michaels store.

Once Michaels Custom Framing receives your artwork, add your customizations to it online and (once you’re done) add it to the cart and checkout. And Michaels Custom Framing will deliver the finished product to you, or you can pick it up from Michael's store yourself.

There’s also an option of pre-made images from Michaels Custom Framing website. Select from various categories, including Abstract, Botanical & Floral, Coastal & Tropical, Decorative Elements, Transportation & Travel, and many more. 

Each category contains many artwork and images created by Michaels Custom Framing. Please select any one of them and start customizing. Add it to the cart and checkout once you’re done with the customizations.

Michaels Custom Framing - Customization Options

Michaels Custom Framing offers many framing options. There are five main types of custom frames at Michaels Custom Framing.

  • Frame - This is your standard framing option, and you can use this option for your digital photos, drawings/paintings, certificates, and more. Michaels Custom Framing has a wide selection of frames with different mat and frame colors. So you’re never going to feel limited in your options.

  • Canvas - This is your wrap-around art-type canvas framing option. You can choose different sizes, orientations, and wrapping types - Thin, Thick, or No.

  • Acrylic Or Glass - This is a special type of framing option. Put your artwork into a Glass surface or Acrylic surface (with an option of standoff).

  • Metal - This is another type of special framing option. Put your artwork onto a Metal surface with Matte or Glossy finishes.

  • Wood - This is another type of special framing option. Put your artwork onto a Wood surface with Matte or Glossy finishes.

Michaels Custom Framing Savings

At Michaels Custom Framing, there are numerous methods to save money.

  • First, Michaels Custom Framing offers free shipping on all standard deliveries in 48 US contiguous states.

  • Michaels Custom Framing also offers a 100% refund guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the order, contact Michaels Custom Framing, who will handle refunds. Refunds can be accepted at any U.S. Michaels store (Aaron Brothers Custom Frame counter).

  • Michaels Rewards vouchers can also be used on custom frame purchases at Michaels Custom Framing. Rewards vouchers are only valid on in-store shopping, though, not online at Michaels Custom Framing website.

  • Unfortunately, Michaels Frame coupons, including discount ones, don’t count at Michaels Custom Framing.

  • Michaels Custom Framing offers 15% off on your next purchase when you sign up for Michaels Custom Framing’s newsletter. This form is included in the footer portion on the Michaels Custom Framing website, and you only need to enter your email to proceed.

  • Michaels Custom Framing also offers frames sales/discounts. Michaels offers Michaels Custom Framing Coupon 70 off on all Lifestyle Collections frames. Just click on the discount banner to find all discounted frames. Remember that these savings are only available while supplies last.

  • Michaels Custom Framing also has a “Deal of the Week” offer. This week's Deal of the Week is a $15 discount on Natural or Gloss Wood Prints 5' x 7'. It is for in-store shopping only and for a limited time.