Lowes is one of the best and largest home improvement retailers worldwide, with a large collection of tools, rugs, appliances, bathrooms, lighting, building supplies, and so much more. I have had a lot of good experiences with Lowes retailer shopping. People often ask me how I manage to have all those lux and decent stuff at home and still be able to save more than they do. There’s a financial factor, too, but it makes them curious about how I save money at Lowes. 

Just like people, I have also been curious about saving max at superstores and retailers, especially when I have no control over stopping buying unnecessary things.  This has been on my research list for so long, so finally, on a fine day, I did some authentic research and penned down my thoughts and some Lowe's money-saving ideas that you might thank me for later. 

Well, I guess it’s time to disclose my secret recipe for shopping at Lowes and saving enough at the end of the day. Spending a fortune to transform your house into your dream home is unnecessary. With storewide promos, discount codes, and rebates, Lowe's provides its customers with numerous ways to save cash on their home renovation and remodeling projects — and we're sharing some money-saving ideas to help you. I hope these tips can help the next generations as well. 

  1. Seek A Price Match

Compare prices at other retailers before purchasing Lowe's to ensure the item isn't cheaper elsewhere. If it is, Lowe's will match the lowest price, including shipping or delivery fees, provided it is at an authorized store.

Show the advertisement to a store employee so they can verify the price. To verify the price of any item purchased online, call Lowe's Pay and Save corporate office at 877-456-6937.

Please remember that Lowe's does not match the pricing of items from one Lowe’s store to another.

  1. Using The Lowe’s Credit Card 

You'll receive 20% off your first purchase when you open an account for a limited period. In addition, you'll receive 5% off daily for six months on qualified items purchased with the credit card. 

PreLoad Card and Lowe's Business Credit are other options for financial savings.

  1. Use Lowe’s Promo Codes And Coupons

Promo codes can be applied to purchases, sales, special offers, and clearance items. There are coupons in the weekly advertisement, the Lowe's store app, and the Reap What You Save websites; you can use this tool to search for any item at Lowe's and then find a lower price at another retailer. 

  • Lowe's American Express Offers Lowe’s Spend $250 Save $50

To obtain a one-time $50 statement credit, spend a minimum of $250 on merchandise at Lowe's or online at Lowes.com with your enrolled qualifying Business Card.

For new deals, examine your American Express credit cards, which will help you save up to 20% on Lowe's purchases. 

Lowe's Super Save offers a super save offer on Lowe's Market digital mobile app, where you can earn coupons by watching weekly ad clips.  

To use coupons at Lowe's, select the coupon and tap "Clip to List." Then, go to the "My List" menu button to show the barcode to the cashier or scan it at the self-checkout kiosk. Another option is to click "Scan Card" on the app's home screen to scan clipped coupons at checkout.

  1. Discounts For Military Persons

Lowe's offers a 10% discount on eligible products to retired, active duty, and military veterans and their families. To receive the discount, verify your military status, sign in to a MyLowe account, confirm or provide your primary address, and shop online or in-store. This discount is Lowe's way of showing appreciation to military personnel.

  1. Look For A Rebates

If you recently purchased, check for any accompanying rebates on Lowe's website. You can also submit and track the status of your rebates online. Over 7,600 products have rebates, so it's a quick and easy way to save money.

You can receive cash rebates of up to $600 by mail when you purchase two or more eligible Ge Café appliances by filling out an online form available on the website of Lowe's through Lowe's buy more save more up to $600 appliance rebate.

  1. Shop From Sales 

Fans of Lowe's know that between the holidays and their annual SpringFest in April, the retailer goes all out. Here are some typical patterns that we have seen over the past few years:

  • For Father's Day, you may save up to 50% on tools and other home improvement supplies.

  • SpringFest: Lowe's SpringFest savings on the garden and home goods are among the best available all year. 

  • Presidents' Day: This is the weekend to save 30-50% on large appliances such as refrigerators and washer/dryer units. 

  • Memorial Day: Use this holiday weekend to stock up on grills at Lowe's before they go up in price for the summer.

  1. Buy Or Exchange Plants At Lowe’s

You can return shrubs, trees, or perennials you purchase from Lowe's if they don't survive for a year with your receipt. Lowe's will then replace your dead plant with a new one, giving you a second chance to show off your green thumb. 

Also, See the clearance section for 75-90% off plants. Remember that they may be in poor condition, and you will most likely need to report or nurse them back to full strength!

  1. Lowe’s Buy More Save More.

You will save more money if you purchase more items at Lowe's. It is particularly helpful if you are building a home or undertaking a large remodeling project that won't become more affordable as it progresses.

Bulk purchasing at Lowe's is a great way to pay less and save more on most of the items available at our store. If you are purchasing items of at least $1,500, you will be asked by the Pro desk during checkout. After that, your Pro desk will process your order and provide you a customized quote against the volume discount, which you can utilize within seven days of issuing the quote for purchasing more.

When purchasing large quantities, look for products with "Contractor Pack" labels to lower prices. 

Similarly, it's a good idea to stop by the ProServices desk and inform a store employee that you intend to buy in bulk. Depending on your purchase, the volume discount price offered by Lowe's contractors may result in savings ranging from 10% to 30%.

You can also use Lowe's buy more, save more promo code at checkout when buying stuff in bulk at Lowe’s store or online.

  1. Pipe Fitting And Pvc Socket Saver Lowe’s

According to Lowe's, they make your home repairs and upgrades easier by assisting you in cutting your wood for free if you consider buying it there. Even better, "wire shelving, mini-blinds, rope, pipe, chain, electrical wiring, carpet, and PVC socket saver Lowe’s" are included.

Lowe's also has a "machine-based cutting operation with a metal wheel that creates threads in the ends of pipes" that is also bladeless. Come to your local Lowe's and let them handle your hard work to save yourself time and pain.

  1. What Months To Buy

Throughout the year, the store offers discounts on a variety of home improvement necessities, but some savings are more prevalent during particular months and seasons:

  • From March to September, you can save money on patio furniture, grills, garden supplies, and outdoor decor.

  • From May to August, you can save money on faucets, sinks, paint, flooring, lighting, cabinets, and windows.

  • Select tools, storage, and cleaning products are on sale from November to December.