Prepare to let your inner bargain shopper go without putting on pants because Kohl's Cyber Monday is here! That's right; you can now shop to your heart's content and get on some amazing deals without ever leaving your couch. 

It's the perfect opportunity to fill your digital shopping cart with everything you need (and a few things you don't). And the best part? You'll be able to use that Kohl's Cash you've been hoarding all year long.

For every $50 you purchase throughout a Kohl's Cash earning period, you receive $10 in Kohl's Cash. After that, you can use your Kohl's Cash to purchase anything in-store or online. Use Kohl's Cash in advance before expiry.

You can cross everything off your wish list and then some with Kohl's Cyber Monday offers. You can extend your savings even further with Kohl's Cyber coupons. So mark your calendars for Kohl's Cyber Monday 2023 and get ready to shop 'til you drop.

Kohl’s Cash 

Kohl’s cash is a reward that you receive every time you shop at Kohl’s. Kohl’s cash is granted on the amount spent after all the discounts and coupons are applied before the tax and shipping are included. You get more Kohl's cash the more you spend; for every $50 you spend, you get $10 back.

The redemption periods for the promotion for which the Kohl's cash voucher was won are when it can be utilized. But don’t worry! If your Kohl’s cash expired recently, you could still use it if you have the voucher on hand. The cashiers mainly accept it if it expired less than ten days ago, and if they turn it down, you can ask them to call corporate, which mostly works in your favor! 

How Does Kohl's Cash Work?

How can I spend my Kohl's cash? Here are some tips for earning and using Kohl's Cash.

You receive $10 in Kohl's Cash with each $50 you spend. Yes, it is that easy. The Kohl’s cash you earn is sent to you via email, from where you can print it, or it would be added to your wallet in your Kohl’s app.

You can use your Kohl’s cash at any Kohl’s store; all you have to do is input your Kohl’s cash number and the PIN at checkout in-store or on as well. Another way this can be done is by applying your Kohl’s cash directly from your wallet to purchase Kohl’s app, and at checkout, the amount will be deducted from your total purchase cost.   

Also, another thing to note is to shop during a Kohl’s Cash earn period to avail the Kohl’s cash.

Additionally, you will receive a coupon for Kohl's cash whenever you shop in-store or online at or a kiosk.

Your Kohl's Cash is always kept in your wallet if you have a Kohl's online shopping account. 

Finally, be mindful of the dates listed for redemption on your earned coupons or in the email you received after making a purchase on the Kohl's website or at the kiosk. (It is not applicable for purchases made at Kohl's or Sephora). 

Kohl’s Cyber Monday 

Kohl’s cyber monday 2023 is expected to be as spectacular as last year. Since it is included as one of the best days of the year to shop online, keep an eye out for everything on your wishlist. We hope to find amazing value from coupons, free shipping codes, and highly discounted deals on electronics, digital equipment, clothing apparel, toys, kitchen appliances, etc. Also, Cyber Monday is a great day to find High-Value Items at no price! 

When Is Cyber Monday?

Cyber monday is an annual sales event similar to Black Friday that falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving. It is one of the last sales events of the year and your last chance to avail of the once-in-a-while must-have deals. Also, it is another alternate way to wind up your shopping in case you have missed the Black Friday sales week or some items are left on your shopping list.  

Kohl’s Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Every year, Kohl’s comes out with bigger & better cyber monday deals, and this year was no exception! Planning and staying updated with new sales and upcoming offers is better when shopping for such exciting events. You can do that by visiting our website for the latest updates!

The stock for these sale items, it's very limited and will be gone in no time. Prepare yourself for shopping in person or online! You can shop online from the comfort of your home if you dislike long lines and crowded stores. Some products might only be sold in-store.

Some highlighted deals from this year are:

  • Ninja CREAMi ice cream maker. It was on sale for $149.99 (Reg $259.99)

  • Magic Bullet Blender (on sale for only $49.99)

  • Ninja Coffee Maker (For just $79.99)

  • Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe. It was on sale for $169.99, from $189.99

  • Robot Vacuum 677 (It was on sale for $227.99 only)

  • Foodsaver (It was on sale for $219.99 only)

  • Echo Show 5 (Just for $34.99)

  • Women’s Sonoma Sweaters (For only $9.99 - was $36)

  • Kohl’s Girls Boots (Only for $14.99)