So I will not lie; it has taken me a good year to write this post! Kizzie, if you are reading this, you probably laugh at me. Many people ask me how to save on Produce and healthy food items. We get our occasional coupon; some great deals at grocery stores, and farmers' markets are awesome but seasonal. But it’s so nice to get fresh Produce in one location and at a great price! So FINALLY,  I am excited to tell you about Bountiful Baskets!

Like Zaycon Foods, Bountiful Baskets is a group of people who work together for a great benefit. They don’t have any employees and are run strictly by volunteers, giving us amazing deals on Produce!   Each basket of Produce is $15 + $1.50 handling fee or $25.00 for organic. Plus, they have some fun extras. For example, this last week, I purchased 38/lbs of Pink Lady Apples for $19.50. That is only $0.51/lb!

How exactly does it work?

On Monday or Tuesday, you can head to and place your order for the following Saturday. I do suggest the earlier, the better because baskets are limited. Some areas are available weekly, and some are bi-weekly.

Then you will receive your pick-up time and will meet at the location for pick-up. Be sure to bring your basket or bags!

That’s it! The pickup routine is pretty fast flowing, and they are very organized. The only downside, honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal, is you don’t know what you are getting. But they do give you pretty equal parts of fruits and veggies. So once you get your basket on Saturday, create your meal plan for the week with what you have! Also, they have a great FAQ page you will want to check out!

So today is Monday, so go over to and check out to see if your area is available

My Basket Included:

A Bag of Potatoes
2 Bundles of Celery
Bundle Asparagus
bundle of Broccoli
4 Onions
Three large Tomatoes
5+ Apples
1/lb Strawberries
2 Chinese Pears
Potatoes- in addition to
Bundle of Radishes
Romaine Lettuce

*I might be forgetting something.

All for $16.50!

I also purchase the 38/lbs of Apples for an extra $19.50, which I am splitting with a friend.

Have you tried Bountiful Baskets? I would love to hear your thoughts!