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Hobby Lobby Gift Cards

Hobby Lobby has support for Gift cards. Hobby Lobby Gift Cards can be obtained from $10 to $200 in any denomination. Every Hobby Lobby Gift Card purchase has a $1 processing fee. Hobby Lobby Gift Cards can be obtained in physical or digital form (hobby lobby eGift card).

As is the idea behind Gift cards, Hobby Lobby Gift Cards can also be bought for someone else. The Hobby Lobby Gift card you purchase will be sent to the person whose email address you enter.

  • Hobby Lobby Gift Cards can be purchased in a variety of ways. The best way to get Hobby Lobby Gift cards is from Hobby Lobby themselves.

  • There’s a dedicated section for Gift cards at Hobby Lobby’s website - Hobby Lobby Gift Cards.

  • Here, you can find Gift cards with pre-made designs for different seasons, events, etc. However, users can’t custom design the gift cards at Hobby Lobby’s website.

  • Choose the gift card design you choose, and on the product page, insert any value between $10 and $200. Choose how many gift cards you want, then pay the required sum.

  • There’s a $1 shipping fee if you want the Gift card in physical form.

  • There are also other places outside of Hobby Lobby where you can buy Hobby Lobby Gift Cards, like Amazon, Gift Card Granny, eBay, and more.

  • Hobby Lobby Gift Cards also have balance support. So, shoppers don’t have to spend all their Hobby Lobby Gift card value with a single transaction.

  • A button at the top of Hobby Lobby’s Gift Cards section, “Check Balance” (in uppercase).

  • Press that button to check how much hobby lobby gift card balance remains. Just insert the pin number and gift card number.

  • Only Hobby Lobby gift Cards would work here, not other gift cards.

Hobby Lobby Gift Card Discounts

  • Shoppers can save on Hobby Lobby Gift Cards by purchasing them at a discounted price.

  • Shoppers can find discounts at various percentages online - Gift card selling stores, like Gift Card Place, Card Flip, Gift Card Bin, Card Cash, and more.

  • There are even places online like Prize Rebel, where they’ll give you a Hobby Lobby Gift Card for free if you sign up and create an account (and do some other activities) on their website.

FAQs - Hobby Lobby Gift Cards & Coupons

  1. Is Hobby Lobby getting rid of coupons?

Hobby Lobby still works with coupons and promo codes. And releases them through its own channels (as described above) and through 3rd party stores and online websites. Unfortunately, it ended its widely popular 40% off coupon on February 2021 and didn’t give them out anymore.

Hobby Lobby does give out other types of 40% coupons, though, but for selected departments or with other limitation(s).

  1. Where can I purchase Gift Cards for Hobby Lobby?

As mentioned above, Hobby Lobby Gift Cards can be found on Hobby Lobby’s website and in many online stores like Amazon and eBay.

  1. Does Hobby Lobby take competitor coupons?

Hobby Lobby does not accept coupons from other companies like Michaels or Joann.

However, if a direct competitor offers a lower price on the same item, Hobby Lobby will match it.

  1. Is the Hobby Lobby coupon for 50% off still valid?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t regularly offer a coupon code for 50% off, but it sometimes does. Check Hobby Lobby’s website and other channels periodically to see if a 50% off coupon is available.