The H&M return policy is so amazing. H&M always welcomes its customers to freely come and return, refund, and exchange their purchased products and items in any H&M store near them. And also, for customers' ease, H&M offers an online return policy.

With the following limitations, H&M will often return items within thirty days of their purchase if they have not been worn, altered, washed, damaged, or soiled, and all seals and tags are still attached. We cannot refund Beauty products if the product has been used for hygiene or safety reasons.

Every H&M store will give refunds on the first payment method used. H&M's store return policy only accepts credit or debit cards: RuPay, American Express, Maestro, MasterCard, and VISA. Besides them, no other kind of credit and debit card are accepted.

Here’s what else you can find about H&M’s return policy and how it works; 

H&M Online Return Policy

Returns are free, and there is no charge for any return. 

Kindly note that online purchases can only be returned through the mail, and it is impossible to return any online purchases in H&M's physical stores. After the customer receives their package, they only have 30 days to send H&M the return.

The H&M online purchased home items cannot be returned in H&M's stores and can only be returned through their returns portal. Please return the goods to their original packing to guarantee a smooth pickup.

Steps To Be Taken For Online Returns

  • First, make H&M know which item a customer wants to return by registering their online return on H&M'S website. Customers can arrange for the collection of their return with just their order number and registered email address.

  • Please pack the item or a product in a suitable box for a customer willing to return it. They avoided including papers in their package because they registered their return online.

  • Upon collection, a courier from a shipping associate will attach the refund to the customer's package.

  • The dispatch rider will provide customers with proof of return, and customers must keep this record to themselves. 

H&M Return Policy USA

The H&M return policy for the USA is that customers of the USA are always welcome to exchange or return any purchase they made from H&M for free. No charge is applicable in the USA return policy but restricts Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is the only US territory where purchases made in American stores cannot be returned. It is impossible to return anything bought in Puerto Rico to stores elsewhere.

In the USA return policy of H&M, customers have 30 days to decide whether an item is right for them. If not, they can return or exchange the purchased product within 30 days. 

Within 30 days after purchase, H&M's USA return policy allows for replacements and refunds on clothing, swimwear (with sanitary seal), and unopened cosmetic products with a receipt.

H&M Return Policy After 30 Days

The H&M return policy after 30 days offers its customers the option to exchange or refund their purchased product from H&M with a receipt enclosed within 30 days of the purchase date. The payment method should have been used originally. 

Customers will only be eligible for replacement at the present market value after 30 days. The transferred goods must be worth at least as much.

H&M's return policy can't accept items like flowers and plants. Fabric-made face masks are also unable to return for sanitation and safety reasons.

H&M Return Policy No Receipt

The H & M return policy without receipt is commodities returned without a receipt can only be exchanged for whatever is lowest, either activity/sale price Or even the current selling price.

H&M preserves all the rights to decline immoderate receipted and non-receipted returns. 

Suppose a customer does not have a receipt, endeavor to make the return within 30 days, so the H&M firm may be able to find the customer's purchase in its system. In that case, it will only be possible if the customer does the transaction using a credit or debit card. Customers should provide their ID card to return items without a receipt.

H&M In-Store Return Policy

The in-store return policy of H&M is a customer can exchange, refund, or return any item and products purchased from any H&M store located in the respective region or state within 30 days of the initial purchase.

The condition to return products within stores is that the products are in unused and resalable condition, along with an original receipt and price tags. 

Returns will be presented in the original payment format at any of H&M's stores.

Please be aware that only in-store returns are accepted for all Free In-store Grab orders. Mail-in returns are not accepted.

H&M Return Policy No Tag

The H&M return policy of no tag is if a customer lost their tag or label of any item and wants to return that, so a customer has to visit H&M's returns portal to schedule a new return or download a new tag or label.

Customers can print a blank return form from the H&M website if they've misplaced their original. The original payment method will be used to issue their reimbursement.

The shipping and lifting costs are non-refundable. 

H&M Gift Card Return Policy

H&M's Gift Card return policy of H&M is that if a customer uses a physical gift card or e- gift card of H&M, all returns will be provided to a new H&M gift card with a newly updated balance to email on file.

Suppose a customer uses an H&M Gift Card and another payment method to purchase. In that case, H&M will fully refund the customer's additional payment method before loading the remaining amount onto an H&M e-Gift Card.