A3 Printer Buying Guide for 2020

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By Wiredgraft Editor
Last updated: May 27, 2020


A3 printers make your print jobs particularly flexible. With the larger page format, however, the print resolution must also grow and the printing tempo decreases. But that does not mean your product has to suffer. Over 20 pages per minute make the best printers in our comparison. If you also want to scan and fax at the same time, it will be more difficult. But even in this case, you will find the right product with our support.


How to find the right A3 Printer

1: A3 printers are specialists for large formats and are also suitable for classic A4 paper. Good A3 inkjet printers are also affordable for home users.


2: The majority of A3 printers in comparison are inkjet printers. For high professional demands also A3 laser printers are available.


3: Color A3 printers are increasingly available as 4-in-1 printers. So you can not only print and copy with the multifunction printer but also fax and scan. Important purchasing criteria for A3 printers are the print quality, the printing speed and the costs for printer paper and A3 printer ink.


The A3 printer is also known as an A3 printer or large format printer. Of course, in addition to A3-sized paper, the devices also print on normal A4 paper. Technically, A3 printers in tests hardly differ from conventional Inkjet or laser printers, the main difference compared to A3 printers and standard printers lies in the wider paper feed.


The larger paper tray in the A3 printer requires a slightly wider design. For home users, A3 inkjet printers are similar to classic printers and are usually marketed as tabletop devices. As a rule, A3 printers for professional use are higher and can be set up independently as a printer tower. These are mainly used as photo printers in agencies and A3 printers for the architecture office.


Our A3 printer comparison shows you the technical differences that exist on Din A3 printers and what counts when buying A3 inkjet printers and colour laser printers.


1. What distinguishes A3 printers?

Would you like to print your photos in a larger format or present a blueprint clearly? Then a printer for A3 offers many advantages. The A3 printer is capable of printing on film and paper up to A3 size – that’s twice the size of DIN A4. So you can print two pages of an exercise book or file folder clearly on a sheet of paper.


Although A3 printers are specialized, you can choose between different formats and media as needed. Thus, many models can also be printed on small labels and envelopes as well as CD-ROMs. The core competence, however, remains the high-quality expression in a large format. An A3-sized photo just makes more on the wall than a half-size A4 image.


2. What types of A3 printers are there?

Manufacturers such as Canon, Brother, Epson and hp offer A3 printers as both inkjet and laser printers. Both printer types have specific advantages and disadvantages, which are reflected in the price.


2.1. A3 inkjet printer – affordable for home use

Most A3 printers in comparison work with colour inkjet in the piezo printing process with a frequency of 16,000 hertz. In-home appliances, the bubble-jet process is common.


Since this only reaches a frequency of 10,000 Hertz and transfers the ink to the paper through heat, however, the piezo process has prevailed in high-quality A3 printers. Here, the ink is pressed by means of piezo crystals contactless on the paper.


Whether you choose a Canon A3 printer, a Brother printer or an Epson A3 printer, the pros and cons of A3 inkjet printers are the same across all manufacturers:



1: low acquisition costs

2: easy and handy

3: Low energy consumption

4: low volume

5: good photo quality

6: no emission of fine dust



1: Ink not always UV-resistant

2: more expensive ink cartridges required

3: partly slower pressure

4: shorter lifetime than laser printers


Whether Canon printer, Samsung or a Brother A3 printer: The low price and the handy design make inkjet printers of any brand to the popular A3 printer for home use. If you are looking for a cheap A3 printer, you will find models for less than 200 euros in various A3 printer tests.


Here, the inkjet regularly convinces by their very quiet operation. However, because of the slower printing speed, A3 inkjet printers are less suitable for business use. Even the smaller paper tray is designed for private use.


2.2. A3 laser printer – for professionals

Manufacturers such as Oki, Kyocera and Dell, which mainly develop A3 printers for professional needs, are focusing on laser technology. Konica Minolta is also known for high-quality workstation systems with A3 laser printers, both black and white and colour printers. For A3, the special print sharpness is noticeable.


What are the advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind when buying an A3 printer, see here:



1: prints very fast

2: suitable for continuous use

3: higher sharpness in texts

4: the long shelf life of printer cartridges

5: high print quality even after a long service life



1: higher acquisition costs

2: lower print quality for photos

3: higher energy consumption

4: relatively loud

5: Exposure to fine dust


A3 laser printers are designed to print many texts very quickly and sharply . Especially with large-sized building instructions, they play their strength. In offices with a separate printer room, the size and volume of A3 printers are no problem.


Since toner needs to be changed less frequently than ink cartridges, laser printers require little maintenance even at high print volumes. For these reasons, the DIN A3 colour printer with laser technology is mainly used in commercial operation.


2.3. Other printer types for A3

The first printers for the domestic area were dot matrix printers. The technology is considered obsolete today. As an alternative to inkjet and laser, Ricoh has developed a gel printer line.


The colour gel dries faster than conventional ink and therefore allows faster printing speeds. Since no other manufacturer relies on this technology, devices of this type hardly play any role in A3 printer tests.


New trend: The nozzle technology of inkjet printers make use of the modern 3D printers. Instead of ink, they release liquid plastic, which hardens after a few seconds.


3. A3 multifunction printers – the all-rounder

The demands on A3 printers, scanners, A3 copiers and fax machines in the office are high. Depending on the task and area of ??application, different functions are required.


To save space and to simplify the workflow, the trend is, therefore, the A3 multifunction printer


In addition to the high-quality printing function, the All-in-One A3 printers combine the following functions:

1: copier

2: scanner

3: fax


4. Buy the best A3 printer – you should pay attention

We have already explained the differences between inkjet and laser printers. In tests of A3 printers, however, further details are compared. The following features and features reflect most A3 printer comparisons:


4.1. print resolution

If you only want to print texts, you do not need a very high print resolution. Even with a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, you get well readable results.


For complex graphics and photos, however, the A3 printer should have a resolution of at least 2,400 x 1,200 dpi.


The print resolution is generally higher than the achievable resolution for copying, scanning, and faxing. If you want the sharpest possible results in all areas, you must include all the values ??when comparing the A3 printers.


4.2. print speed

The printing speed of A3 printers in comparison differs considerably. If you value fast printing, you should pay particular attention to this category. Slower models spit out around 14.5 pages in A3 format in black-and-white mode, and the faster ones reach almost twice the number of pages.


Tip: In A3 printer tests, the print speed is usually specified as the page number for black and white printing. The number of color prints is usually lower, especially in the highest photo quality.


4.3. interfaces

To find the best A3 printer, you should also pay attention to the connection options.


For a smooth workflow in networks, manufacturers are developing more and more wireless printers that you can control from different devices via Wi-Fi. Print jobs can thus be conveniently issued from different computers and also from the tablet.


To wirelessly network the A3 printer, such as the HP all-in-one printer, a setup wizard guides you through installing the printer software. Depending on the model, different connection methods to the WLAN are available. IPhone or iPad owners can use AirPrint to print their latest photos directly in large format without any extra software.


4.4. Dimensions

In the small home office it can be tight for a large A3 printer. In addition to the basic dimensions of the DIN A3 printer plays a role in how far the paper tray protrudes laterally or rear-wardly. Also, keep in mind that the paper tray for A3 formats often needs to be extended further forward.


5. A3 printer review

The test winners of the A3 printer with inkjet were three models from Epson. Brother and Dell devices, as well as hp’s A3 printer, performed best in the test for the Laser A3 printers.


6. Frequently asked questions and answers about the A3 printer

6.1. Which A3 printer can also scan?

Nearly all A3 printers in our comparison are able to handle both scan and fax in good resolution. An automatic document feeder (ADF) automatically pulls the documents from a small stack into the device. You do not have to load the sheets individually. However, it should be checked whether the device can also scan sheets in A3 format.


6.2. Does the A3 printer also print sheets in A2 format?

Smaller formats to print is usually unproblematic with an A3 printer. For A2 size sheets, however, the paper tray is not designed.


6.3. How do I care for the A3 printer?

As print quality fades, it’s time to clean the A3 printer. With dust in the case or dried ink in the nozzles, even the best A3 printer can not deliver convincing results. These tips make caring easier:



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