GameStop is one of the specialized platforms that retail gaming consoles, consumer electronics, video games, entertainment software, and pop-culture memorabilia at the best quality. GameStop is the very first retailer that provides a complete gaming website. Because GameStop has incredible specials (like the GameStop Black Friday sale), an excellent rewards program, and numerous possibilities to save money by buying secondhand gaming equipment, gamers adore purchasing consoles, games, and gear from the company.

It sounds great to have a platform to buy any game of your choice, gaming accessories, or gaming clothes. But what's even more fascinating, you ask? — the GameStop rewards and GameStop credit card benefits. You might not know how many perks you are inviting when getting a GameStop credit card, and learning about the perks that can help you with gaming assets is not too late. 

This blog will lead you to all you want to know about the GameStop Credit Card, rewards, payment methods, how to create an account, and more, so let’s begin without delay. 

GameStop Powerup Rewards Credit Card

Different points for purchases made using the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card in the retailer's loyalty program are now awarded. You get ten points for each dollar purchased through the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program. Like many other retail cards, the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card has a significant interest rate but does not require an annual fee.

Another choice is PowerUp Rewards Pro, which grants 20 points for every dollar spent; enrolling earns you 10,000 points, a $5 monthly credit, and exclusive access to GameStop promotions. The GameStop Power Up Rewards Pro program offers two options, the first costs $14.99 annually, and the second costs $19.99.

Additionally, as indicated in their catalog.

  • You will receive a $10 off GameStop coupon for new purchases. 

  • A $5 GameStop Reward Certificate each month.

  • You will get Additional trade-in credit for games and accessories.

  • You will receive entry to exclusive deals and occasions.

  • A GameInformer membership.

The $14.99 option includes a digital subscription to GameInformer, while the $19.99 option includes hard copies of the magazine. The sole difference between the two membership tiers is this.

Does GameStop Have A Credit Card

Although several retailers now provide perk-loaded credit cards, the first company to do so was GameStop Corp. (GME). Initial feedback from the target market needed to be more reliable. Some people in the gaming industry worried that GameStop was drawing children into a deficit with its initial promotion that says, "Everyone is authorized." But the peculiarly high APR also attained objection.

Luckily, traditional credit procedures are observed, and only purchasers aged 18 and above are all given lines of credit. The APR range is more elevated than usual bank-circulated cards, yet it is still zealous with comparable retail cards. The rewards program may be very advantageous for regular consumers.

The GameStop credit card expands the retailer's PowerUp Rewards program. The credit card is solely unrestricted to program parties, and they can only use the credit cards in person online at the GameStop website or GameStop locations.

The credit line given is specified per the applicant's credit record and differs between $250 and $3,000. People may request a more lavish limit by contacting customer consideration and requesting a manager for manual authorization. The buyers are recommended two choices: spread out fewer payments on a certain time limit, which will also add interest to the total, or expend the full credit each month.

  • Only actual GameStop stores and the GameStop website accept the GameStop credit card.

  • Basic and Pro are the two membership tiers the GameStop credit card offers.

  • Most candidates can get accepted even with credit scores below those required for most credit cards.

  • The GameStop credit card, however, can be helpful for regular gamers, GameStop consumers, and GameStop PowerUp rewards members.

Only GameStop, in-store or online, can use the GameStop credit card. However, cash advancements are enabled on cards such as Visa or Mastercard.

How To Apply For GameStop Credit Card

Candidates applying online for GameStop Credit Card should go to Otherwise, Comenity Capital Bank, the GameStop PowerUp Rewards credit card publisher, also receives credit card applications online.

  1. GameStop Credit Card Apply Online

  • Applying for a GameStop credit card is possible by visiting

  • You will find the "PowerUp Rewards Credit Card" once you scroll to the bottom of the page, beneath the Network section, and click it. 

  • Select "Apply Now" in the red box halfway down the following page. The page for your GameStop account is then displayed.

If you still need to get one, you must create a GameStop online account before you can apply for a credit card.

Create A GameStop Account

  • Click the "Create a New Account" option to begin the account creation process.

  • Enter your email address and make a password that includes at least eight characters, three of the four alternatives listed below, and a minimum of one unique character.

  • Click the "Create Account" button in the red box.

Apply By Logging Into Your GameStop Account

  • You can log in with your email address and password at the GameStop credit card login page.

  • Now agree on the "PowerUp Rewards Credit Card" at the footing of the page.

  • Next, click the red "Apply Now" button, and follow the on-screen instructions that will permit you to achieve your GameStop credit card submission.

  • Your financial data, such as your income and personally identifiable information, including your name and residence, must be provided.

  1. GameStop Credit Card Apply Through Customer Service 

Call GameStop's customer service center at 1-855-497-81-68 if you have questions concerning your GameStop credit card. They are accessible EST from 8 am to 9 pm.

Conversely, you can send them a note to the Comenity Capital Bank address (PO Box 183003, Columbus, Ohio, 43218-3003).

  1. GameStop Credit Card Apply In-Store

Applying for the GameStop Credit Card can be done at any GameStop location close by. When applying for the credit card, you must provide your name, residence, social security number, source of income employment, and a valid form of identification.

GameStop Credit Card Payment 

Customers with the GameStop PowerUp Rewards credit card can access exclusive promotions without paying an annual fee. When you join the PowerUp Rewards program, your purchasing power at the gaming retailer's stores and website will also increase.

There are three options available for utilizing your GameStop credit card. Payment options include online, phone, and mail through GameStop. Here is all the information you require.

Pay GameStop Credit Card Online

You must sign up for an account to pay online with your GameStop credit card. Take these actions:

  • Visit the page for online account registration.

  • The Social Security number, ZIP code, and account number must be entered for your credit card.

  • Select "Find My Account" if you would.

  • Heed the on-screen actions to complete the enrollment.

You can make an online payment after creating an account by performing the following:

  • Put together the credit card, bank routing, and account numbers.

  • Visit the GameStop credit card login page.

  • Enter the username and password you produced to log in to the account you created.

  • Just adhere to the instructions to finish your GameStop credit card payment online.

Pay GameStop Credit Card Through Easy Paisa

You can also profit by utilizing Comenity Bank's EasyPay system without creating an online account or logging in. Your banking details can also get reserved in the safe system, and this is how it works:

  • Visit the GameStop credit card login page.

  • Go to the page's top and select "EasyPay."

  • To proceed, you must furnish your account number, ZIP code, and a four-digit Social Security number. There is a QR code on your billing statement that you can scan.

  • After that, click "Find my account."

  • To complete your GameStop credit card payment, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Pay GameStop Credit Card Over The Phone

  • Using your GameStop credit card via the phone is an option. As follows:

  • To contact the automated line, dial 855-497-8168.

  • Following the "#" symbol, please state or enter the credit card number or the primary cardholder's Social Security number.

  • To finish the GameStop credit card payment, adhere to the instructions.

The telephone system will automatically transfer your call to a GameStop credit card specialist for assistance if you don't know your account or Social Security number.

Pay GameStop Credit Card Through Mail

You can send a GameStop credit card payment using a check or money order instead. It is how:

  • Make a check or money order for at least the required amount, and take the payment coupon off your invoice.

  • Payments should get sent to Comenity Capital Bank, PO Box 659820, San Antonio, Texas, 78265.

If you still need one or are signed up for electronic statements, you can print a copy of your billing statement from your online account. If you don't have access to your billing statement, be sure the payment will be correctly credited by including your GameStop credit card account number on the check or money order.

How To Check GameStop Credit Card Balance 

To verify the balance of a GameStop gift card, you'll need the PIN, which can be found on the back of the gift card, and the card's unique number.

Both numbers can get found on your PowerUp RewardsTM Card or gift card. Check your email for the card number and PIN for digital gift certificates. Enter your card number and PIN on the Balance Inquiry page to check the remaining balance.

  • Use the "Balance Inquiry" option on the website to view the remaining balance of a GameStop gift card.

  • You'll need the 4-digit security PIN and 19-digit card account number to check the balance of your GameStop gift card.