American Eagle is one of the most popular brands that are always top of the chart regarding the quality of clothes. Everyone wants high-quality products like jeans, Shoes & Accessories, Swimsuits, and Aerie items. But for every American Eagle outfitter buyer, sometimes it can be tricky and hard to pay all the cash for everything they want to buy.

No one would hand down to purchase American Eagles clothes, but at the exact moment, American Eagle can be a little expensive with its products. Even then, the customers shall be satisfied, as keeping up with the material quality takes work. American Eagle Jeans, Shoes, and other products are worth buying because of the exceptional items.

But despite wanting to get all the items, this can be possible in some straightforward ways that you won’t want to miss! And, what would be the better way other than the American Eagle cards; different kinds of cards! So, here are a few American Eagle cards you can rely on because these may be the soundest thing you are waiting for while making your subsequent purchases. 

Types Of American Eagle Cards

Here are the most common and beneficial kinds of American Eagle cards you can use whenever you shop at American Eagle. 

  1. American Eagle Gift Cards

You can buy American Eagle Gift cards for your loved ones and make their birthdays or occasional happy and exciting by gifting them Gift Cards from American Eagle. You can purchase the standard AEO Gift Card or eGift Card, whatever you feel most comfortable with. The Gifts Cards range ranges from $25 to $125; make sure the person you are gifting enjoys shopping the max. Also, to check your current Gift Card balance, visit the American Eagle website and click on the “Check Your Balance” box. Enter your Gift Card Number and PIN. 

  1. American Eagle Real Rewards

The American Eagle reward program might get included in your next goal, which is way easier to avail; that too, on a lower budget. You must sign up now for the American Eagle rewards program and get many benefits. The benefits and perks include a $5 reward on 1,250 reward points, 2x points on jeans, and Aerie Days ( Aerie 2x points, freebies, extra saves & more!).

You can also get Members-only sales & events, Free shipping & returns, and the most favorite American Eagle Birthday Coupon. 

  1. American Eagle Real Rewards Credit Cards

Using the Real Rewards Credit Cards, you are opening the door to seize an additional 20% off on your first acquisition on American Eagle. It is efficiently utilized when unrestricted and operating a Real Rewards credit card! You can also Pay Bills with American Eagle Real Rewards Credit Cards; stop thinking and Apply Now!

  1. American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) Corporate Gift Cards

 If you are a kind company boss or a startup CEO, it doesn’t matter if you have employees under you or a helping group of colleagues; it’s time to reward them for their hard work. American Eagle and Aerie Gift Cards allow you to reward your consumers and boost your workers. Acquire any of the preferred Gift Cards in $10, $15, $50, and $100 charges and make them encourage in the best possible way. 

American Eagle Credit Card (FAQs)

Below are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding American Eagle Credit Card; get yourself acknowledged for all you need to know.

  • How To Pay My American Eagle Credit Card?

How can I pay my American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) Credit Card? Most people come across how to pay for American Eagle credit cards. Well, that’s as simple as ABC; you can make an online purchase with your American Eagle pay credit card anytime.

As a replacement, if you are comfortable placing the order by phone or mail, the American Eagle credit card phone number is (866) 913-6765 or 1 (888) 232-4535 to make a call. To mail, you can visit the site ( and email them directly.  The American Eagle Outfitters Store Card may pay, and automatic prices are also available at American Eagle. 

The online American Eagle credit card payment is online. You must log in to the account and set lect "Make a Payment” option. You'll get the following Ws of What, When, and Where to pay. If you haven’t created your account on the American Eagle credit card log-in site, you can create it now or log in as a guest. Besides the phone call, payment works best for American Eagle Visa credit cards.

To use American Eagle Outfitters Store Card payments through the mail, select to construct a payment via mail and ensure to mail it earlier sufficiently to get it by the owed date. You will also have to Write your Aerie credit card number on the check to get the payment done for Aerie Real Rewards Store Card. 

  • Where Can I Use My American Eagle Credit Card? Can I Use My American Eagle Credit Card Anywhere?

To answer the question, “Can You Use American Eagle Credit Card Anywhere?” American Eagle Outfitters has connected Credit Cards that can operate solely at American Eagle and to their family and sister brands. The family and sister brands of American Eagle include; Aerie ( and AEO Factory (, both on the Stores and their online sites. The customers can operate their AEO Connected Visa Credit Card to all the places they are taking the Visa. 

  • How To Cancel American Eagle Credit Card

To cancel your American Eagle Credit Card, plenty of ways can be very useful to you, but whatever you do to cancel your account, make sure you do it confidently. However, before withdrawing the American Eagle Credit card, there are some things you should keep in mind.

These validating points are; first, ensure you have used all your American Eagle reward points and there is a reward point left. Second, you can transfer or pay your Reward Points to other cardholders if you don’t want to utilize them. Thirdly, ensure you have removed all the account information and tracked the warranty instructions.

Fourthly, contact American Eagle customer service through mail or call at 1-888-232-4535 and answer their questions with conviction. Lastly, destroy or shred your credit cards and throw them into the trash; after clearing all the account information.