Ace Hardware store has an amazing collection of tools, paints, Master locks, utensils, and many others. There are over five thousand Ace Hardware stores globally, nearly all of which are individually owned and managed by community entrepreneurs. These industrious people are a critical component of your neighborhood's economy. If you want to buy anything like paint, locks, and tools, purchase it from Ace Hardware. The best shop to purchase anything, you can make your purchase online or in-store too. I always prefer the closest Ace Hardware store for in-store shopping because it will be easy to exchange something.

Ace Hardware’s Latest Product Catalog 2023

Ace Hardware product search varies in a large collection:

Paint Sundries & Cleaning

Painting instantly transforms the interior and exterior of your house. You can find all supplies required to complete this process. Preparation is necessary before starting the actual painting project, and Ace Hardware has all the paint accessories you'll need for any size project.

Spend a few minutes patching the holes in the walls and using caulk and sealants to fix the cracks and crevices around the doors and windows. A scraper can also apply spackle to holes and imperfections and remove old paint. Apply painter's tape around windows, doors, and where the walls meet the ceiling and floor, then use sandpaper to smooth off any rough areas and produce neat edges.

Although paint rollers will hasten the painting process, keeping a few different-sized paint brushes available is still advisable. They will be applied to close any gaps.

Remember to wash your paintbrushes with soap and water after painting. Paint brushes can be reused multiple times with the proper maintenance. Visit the Ace Hardware store in your area for more beneficial tips.


Appropriate tools are essential to any project's success, and Ace Hardware has both hand and power tools for simple and complicated work.

You should keep a basic set of hand tools available for regular maintenance and repairs. This includes pliers, a wrench, a screwdriver, and a hammer. They also provide toolboxes in various sizes.


From battery replacements to door chimes installation to wiring jobs, Ace Hardware supplies a wide variety of electrical products for both simple and sophisticated applications.

Are you trying to find an instant method to transform your residence? Increase the brightness by adding or changing your lights. Fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent are able. Change conventional incandescent bulbs to fluorescent ones to lower energy usage and costs. Visit your neighborhood Ace for additional suggestions.


You can update your home's appearance by changing outdated faucets and bathroom fixtures and adding or replacing new lights. All the spare parts, plumbing equipment, drain cleaners, water filtration systems, and washing machine accessories are some of the best ace hardware products available in stores & the website.


Every DIY project needs the proper hardware, and Ace hardware range contains a wide variety for the job, from fasteners to other building supplies.

Ace Hardware takes pride in providing a wide selection of hardware goods. Chains, cables, ropes, window and door locks, coverings, knobs, lifts, floors, walls, overhead glides, fastening adhesives, glues tiles, tiling tools, driveway and roofing sealers, coatings, gutters, and home safety and security gadgets are just a few of the popular items that will be on sale.

Home Goods

A house is still a shell without essential household items like cookware, appliances, and gadgets. We have a wide range of goods from various manufacturers to fit all types of households.

The majority of the items for the home are available at Ace Hardware, including bathroom accessories, cleaning supplies and tools for floors, walls, and outdoor maintenance, audio and video cables, cord organizers, kitchenware from crockery to utensils, ironing boards, laundry baskets, detergents, and cleaners, as well as storage and organization tools like boxes and racks.

Lawn & Garden

Restore your grass to its former glory before weeds start to sprout. Weeding, feeding, seeding, cleaning, and shaping your lawn to keep it looking fantastic all year round. Start by cleaning up the outside of your home using items for the lawn and garden, such as axes, forks, rakes, trimming implements, insecticides, fertilizers, soil, hoses, sprinklers, planters, and pots.

For your cleaning needs, Ace Hardware has a wide variety of light and heavy-pressure washers. You may use them to clean the fencing and deck to give them a brand-new appearance and to clean grills, windows, and driveways.


Come to Ace stores to locate various automotive cleaning products if you want the cleanest car in your neighborhood. Everything you need to start converting your driveway into a car wash is available in their area of car washing products, including car soap, car wax, and auto detailing equipment.

Use automotive adhesives, coatings, and other body repair supplies to keep your car's exterior in good condition. Use auto accessories like air fresheners, floor mats, and anti-theft systems to keep your inside tidy and complete. The most crucial aspect is to increase the longevity of your engine by using excellent maintenance tools like grease, lubricants, coolers, and fluids.

Outdoor Living

Ace Hardware has countless options for maintaining and enhancing your outdoor living spaces. You'll be happy with the outdoor kitchenware, patio furniture, camping, and adventure gear they have available.

Make your outdoor spaces more inviting and pleasant so that you can relax and enjoy your leisure time outside. They provide products, including barbecues, outdoor cooking stoves, camping gear, lawn ornaments, and patio furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Ace Hardware Store Hours?

  • Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm 

  • Sat - 8:00am - 8:00pm 

  • Sun - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Which Is The Closest Ace Hardware Store To Me?

You can find the closest Ace hardware store to you on their website and their timings. 

What Are Ace Hardware Store Locations?

You can use their interactive store locator to search 5000+ stores to find the ones nearest to you quickly.

What Is the Number of Ace Hardware Stores?

In each of the fifty United States and 65 countries, Ace Hardware has 5,600 independently owned stores selling hardware.