You don’t have to be a millionaire to create a great living space perfect for you and anyone you invite. Do you wish your apartment looked like an elegant loft in New York City? If so, here are some great tips to help you spice up your apartment and create your unique space.

1. Add Some Decorative Pillows

Spice up any room by adding some unique and decorative pillowsTarget is a great place to start with unique, interesting pillows that will help jazz up your apartment.

2. Fill the walls with Artwork

You don’t have to spend a million dollars on art to make your apartment look fancy. You can buy inexpensive prints from most artists in so many places. For example,  you can purchase this famous Prada poster on Etsy. You can hang your prints or lean them against the wall like the photo above. This will help add character to any room in your apartment!

3. Makeshift Headboards

Don’t have a bed frame? No problem! You can easily create the illusion of a bed frame by creating your own. Like in the photo above, you can center a mirror over the bed. However, the possibilities are endless. Another great example is to use a piece of art as the centerpiece or even a make-your-own headboard.

Bonus Tip: Scavenge yard sales for a good deal; you might find something you can repurpose to fit your decor style.

4. Personalized Coffee Bar 

If you LOVE coffee, why not create a coffee bar to impress your guests? If you have the space for this, it will also clear up your counters and cabinets to make room for other important kitchen supplies.

5. Add a Statement Rug

Adding a statement rug to your living or dining room will help spice up your small space. If you’re worried your furniture is too bland, a rug will have the same effect as decorative throw pillows.

6. Keep it Neutral

If you must purchase any furniture, keep it neutral. If you stick with a nice gray or tan colored couch, you will be able to accessorize with any color you’d like. By sticking to a neutral, you will likely not get sick of the item in a couple of years.

7. Repurpose Something Old into Something New 

Do you have some solid and sturdy furniture pieces you don’t love? You can always repurpose your old items and give them new life. By repainting, you can create something that fits your ideal decor.

8. Personal Cocktail Bar 

If you like to host and impress your guests, consider buying a bar cart. These carts are a great way to keep all your cocktail needs in one place without taking up too much space.

9. Create Your Dream Bathroom

A beautiful decorative tray can add life to any bathroom. Fill the tray with candles, flowers, soaps, and even makeup. Bonus, the tray can help organize your bathroom in a fancy way.

10. Bring the Outside In

Bring nature inside with some beautiful floral arrangements. Flowers are an easy way to decorate your apartment and smell nice.

11. Mason Jar Storage 

If you want something unique, why not make these lovely mason jars for storage options? They look great in any room, and you can customize them to fit any decor style.

12. Create an Elegant Bedroom

If you have the space add a nice ottoman at the end of your bed. Be sure to choose one that can double as extra storage. This will not only add some style to your room, but it is completely functional.

13. Remember to Decorate with Glass

Glass tables and desks are an excellent way to create the illusion that you have more space. They aren’t bulky and won’t take up too much space, so they are the best option for decorating an apartment.

14. Display Your Books in a Unique Way 

Get creative and use your books as the focal piece for your space. These floating shelves are a great idea to create a unique display option for your mini library.

15. Create an Outdoor Oasis 

Add comfy seating, throw pillows, and flowers for a wonderful oasis on your back deck. You can create the perfect outdoor space where you’ll enjoy sipping on some iced tea during those cool summer months.