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Do you know that? You click for hours online shopping through reviews, user forums and customer reviews and know in the end, but not what to buy.

In any case, we often felt that way.

Too often.

Why, we wondered, is not there a page that simply tells me which product is the best? A page that tells me everything I need to know before buying - and best yet provides an overview of the most important reviews?

Because there was no such offer so far, we started WiredGraft

Is not the best usually the most expensive as well?

Only if you have money like hay. Not everybody is that lucky, though. If not, the best thing for you is what gives you what you need most for a reasonable price.

Is not the best something different for everyone?

Not usually, we believe. Most people want a television that has a great image and does not have to be discarded in three years, a printer that prints reliably, is not loud and takes up little space, or a hard drive that is solid and does not cost much.

But of course it always depends on what you need something for. That's why we divide our products into clearly defined categories.

If for some reason you have unusual requirements for a product, then we probably are not the right one for you. If photographing is your big hobby and your passion, and you want the exact camera that best suits your specific needs, then you should do the work of testing every available model in detail. For all those who just want a good camera for normal pictures, WiredGraft is here!

How do you get to your reviews?

Our editors are proven experts in their field and have been dealing with the products they write about for years. We do research, read reviews and customer reviews and talk to the manufacturers. So we make a selection of the currently most interesting products, which we usually request or buy and then test in detail practical. Where that is not possible, we trust the competent judgment of our editor.

Is not that very expensive?

That's it. But we think that's worth it. In the past, you went into a business and trusted the judgment of a specialist retailer. Today we buy online, but everyone is more or less on his own. We want to change that.

Why not just choose customer reviews?

Today, almost all reasonably good products lies in the overall range of rating of 4.5 stars - at least if they have enough ratings. Not only that, but the structure of the reviews is usually very similar: you will find mostly 5-star ratings, about half as many 4-star reviews, again half as many 3-star reviews, etc. Therefore, customer reviews are less and less helpful.

Also for another reason, customer reviews are problematic: in addition to the star rating, the number of ratings for the rank in the search results is also crucial. It's more likely to buy a well-rated product with many customer reviews than one that has fewer reviews. The product with the most reviews is sometimes just the older, while the more recent has received only a few reviews. So you may buy an obsolete product just because it has more reviews.

For these reasons, we believe that you can only rely on customer reviews to a very limited extent.

How do you finance yourself?

We finance ourselves exclusively through the advertising shown on WiredGraft and so-called affiliate links to Amazon and other online shops.

If you order a product through Amazon or another shop on our site, we will receive a small commission. For you, the purchase is not more expensive. And it allows us to continue providing you with thoroughly researched, completely independent product recommendations.

Is not a conflict of interest caused by affiliate links?

No, because we only earn something when we recommend products that you are satisfied with. Send back an article because it does not meet your expectations, we get nothing. So we have a strong incentive to really recommend only the best products.

Why is product X missing on your site?

Contact us, if we miss something.

Since when does WiredGraft exist?

WiredGraft started in 2017 Since then we have been continuously expanding our offer.

How can I keep up to date with news?

Best by subscribing to our newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook or on Pinterest or Twitter.

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